Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I was Hit Again!

Groove's tag came at a great time for me. I am on deadline to complete two books this week for authors so I am limited in what I can post. Once this past though, I'll be back by weekend.

Here are the instructions: Write 5 random facts about yourself, and then list the names of 5 people you want to infect. Sounds simple enough.


* My family should be studied for a cancer gene. Since 1988 I lost five uncles, 1 female cousin, 2 aunts and 2 brothers from various forms of cancer. These were my mothers' brothers, 1 of their daughter, my mothers' two sisters, and her two oldest sons. This does not include other relatives and family members. This is my mothers' bloodline. Both my mothers' parents died from cancer too. I am always checking that I am okay.

* I lost one brother on Christmas Day. I was on my way to give him and other family members their Christmas presents. I was in the car on the highway when I received the phone call that he had died. Although he had mouth cancer, we were never told he was dying. He had asked for a particular cologne and I had it in my hand. It was a shocked to us, unexpected. He had moved in with my mother while he was going through radiation treatments. Christmas Day he slept too long and she went to wake him up and found him on the floor. Christmas just isn't the same. We left his room untouched and the door closed for more than a year after his death.

* I am a true shopaholic. I make my own self sick with this. I think I need counseling. I have so many clothes and shoes that I'm thinking about moving just to house them. The problem is this: once I purchase these items, I lose interest. So they just hang in my closets until I give them away or until my husband threaten to destroy them.

* I have supervised more than 600 people but have only had problems with 3 workers.

* I have fallen so in love with this child that I drive 60 miles a week just to hold her and kiss her cheek. She is only 7 months and already her closet is packed because now my bad habit includes her. I love this baby. Her name is Tamyra and she is my niece. My daughter thinks that it is my attempt to fill my soon to be empty nest because she will be leaving in August for college.

I tag Jazegma2, Dr. Deb, Shirazi, Michelle and Teenlife-2005.


defiant goddess said...

That's very scary about your health. I'm glad you get checked regularly.

And your niece is just too cute. I'd spoil her, too! :)

T`bou said...

aww the baby is so cute and darling. Don't temp. me. I was tagged to and I hope you're able to finish your project.

Happy Holidays!

BostonPobble said...

My nephew is my heart. He's 12 now and that seems impossible. Amazing how they get to us, isn't it?

Dee said...

That is scary.cancer is scary. At least you are on top of it!!!

Your neice is soooo cute!!!

Michelle said...

Rose -- "you talkin' ta me?" (Michelle doing a bad Robert DeNiro impression.) I'll do the tag. I think I was hit up by T'Bou with the same one.

Wow - re the cancer in your family. Good 2c you're staying on top of it. I beat you're right -- medical science could learn a thing or two by studying your family.

I lost an uncle around Christmas, several years ago and it's just not the same -- so I can relate to losing your brother.

Aren't niece's the best? I have one named Faith -- I'm gonna have to put her on my blog.

3/600 problem employees -- what a great record!

I'm not a huge shopper! But shop on, sistah!

Ruben said...

That kid is so cute. Someone has to get her into commercials.

NellaBella said...

Alright! Lets see what I can come up with by morning! HEHE! This is makes me think now.

I love the post! Wish meh luck

Clare said...

Good luck with meeting your deadline Rose and that's one cute niece you have there.

Brea said...

Awww, what a cutie! I can see why you'd drive all those miles :)

Charles X said...

reading your blog, it seems like death and the fear of death is a big theme in your life and your family. i just want to say you are in my thoughts and i hope things look up from now on

Brotha Buck said...

What a Christmas story. I'm sorry.

jazeGma2 said...

It can never be stressed enough. Keep up with your health especially when you know it runs in your family.

Okay so you tagged me. I guess I need to get busy. I have been off of the blogging for a while so I guess this is a good start.

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...


Your random thoughts were so interesting and I agree that there could be a genetic reason for all of the cancer in your family. There may also be an environmental reason, since all of these siblings did live together at one point. Environmental factors are responsible a LARGE number of cancer related deaths. You may want to check into possible contamination in the area where they grew up.

I am so sorry to hear about your brother. I can imagine what you and your family go through at Christmas time.

That little baby is just absolutely precious! I love babies.

for_the_lonely said...

Tamyra is just a total doll!!! I'd drive that far just to kiss her too! :)

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas! :)


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