Sunday, September 04, 2005

Twenty-two (22) things I love.

Now that I released my emotions and am normal again I can tell you about the things that I love...every once in a while I get a chance to let off steam and then I go for another five years or so before I do it again. So now that I can breathe freely again let me share with you twenty-two things I love....

1. I love God because I feel safe in his care.

2. I love my parents and siblings.

3. I love the way my man smells daily because he always smells good.

4. I love french fries drenched in cheese sauce, but can't have any because of this low carb diet...darn!

5. I love teenagers being respectful to the elderly and going to school trying to carve out their careers..

6. I love when people smile.

7. I love to look at God's land and see the beautiful greenery over hills and the way that trees are nestled in their coves.

8. I love when my husband calls me everyday to make sure I'm up for work. It shows that he cares. He also says to wake up DeeDee, my daughter.

9. I love rewarding my staff for a job well-done.

10. I love my mothers' turkey and dressing and cabbage and corn beef.

11. I love writing because it relieves me of stress and brings me peace.

12. I love my dog Ebony. She too is a cutie pie.

13. I love community service and helping others.

14. I love church. It is a great place to fellowship with people who say they believe the same things.

15. I love driving my car and letting the wind blow through my hair.

16. I love looking at bow-legged men. I think that is sexy.

17. I love reality television. I know that's weird but I love it.

18. I love CSI, CSI-Miami, House and Law in Order.

19. I love the show Girlfriends because they remind my of my friends.

20. I love money but I will never steal it. I work hard for it. But I am not materialistic. I just like having freedom to buy or not to buy.

21. I really like my bed. It is fluffy and soft and sits up high.

22. Honestly, I love me. I really do.


Deirdre said...

#15 is one of my fav things to do as well:)

I like how you went...."aaaahhhhh"
then went..."uuuummmmm":)


Shirazi said...

I wish you learn to link. No?

Shirazi said...

Count me with you in all of these.

DizYaBoy said...

I love the fact that you visit my blog, and share your opinions.


Deb S. said...

Rose, I'm with Shirazi. I wish you'd learn to link, too! LOL

Chele said...

One thing I love is to see people appreciate what they do have instead of complaining about what they don't. Beautiful, rose.

PINKSandROSES said...

1. i love God with all of my heart wouldn't have it any other way

5. most teenagers don't know how to be respectful

6. I love it when people laugh!

12. I love my puppy kai!

18. I love CSI Las Vegas... I think it's because I met the guy who plays Warrek Brown... boy he's beautiful...

Michele's Mumblings said...

I love #6 -- isn't it amazing how someone can look realy bad, and then something makes them smile, and you see how pretty they can be...
smiling is like turning on the light in your face. =)

I have a sister (Diane) and we call her DeeDee. =)

Like you, I love my bed, so soft and cuddly...and I feel so blessed on many nights when I snuggle in and think of those who have no bed...even the Lord had no place to lay His head...we are truly blessed!

Rose said...

Dee-Dee, thanks. Making the lists were fun. Got a chance to reflect.

I am going to see if someone can show me how to do it. I'll count you in on my list choices.

I'll keep dropping by.

I'm going to work on that tomorrow.

Rose said...

I know what you mean. We have to focus on the positive in this day and time.

Love your list.

Michele's Mumblings
I love to see people smile, it changes everything when that happens. Hey for the DeeDee's.

mytruth said...

I glad to see you went from hate to love.

lady in satin said...

I love girlfriends too!!!! They remind me of the type of bond that I would love to have between myself and a group of women living in close proximity. I feel like I do have three close friends right now that I have bonds like that with, but one lives in Tampa, FL, the other two live in different cities in North Carolina!! Although we are all friends with each other, it would be kinda hard to be the girlfriends that we want to be. But I love love love that show!!

gramyactress@21 said...

Yeah I like the way my guy smells too. Straight fire and he has pretty dark skin just glows. You have a lot of beautiful things you love my favorite is GOD.

Rose said...

you know life can sometimes take you on emotional rollcoasters.

Lady in Satin- my girlfriend and I decided to see each other for lunch or something every week. we have been friends for thirty years. Since we were little kids.

gramyactress-I know what you mean. I do love God the most too.

Shirazi said...

You love yourself. That is the foundation of all love. You cant love anyone enless you love yourself. No?

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