Sunday, November 09, 2014

I watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta tonight and pretty much enjoyed the show.  I don't know why but I like Nene.  I think it is wonderfully how she has grown-up on the show and were showing herself in a better way.  She is not cussing and acting a fool.  She is just trying to take all the advantages and opportunities she is getting.  I don't blame her.  Just a few updates:

Nene:  Nene is preparing to perform or to host in Las Vegas  at Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity.  She is discussing that she doesn't want to be nude or show her skin.  She discusses the fact that she will work and do whatever it takes, but she is easy to work with, and she said people would attest to that fact.

Kenya: Still does not understand why or how she provoked  Porsha. She said it was just fun for her. Is bullying people really fun for the person who is, doing the bullying? It's sure not fun for the person who is being bullied.  I guess if she didn't go for Nene, there would be no need for her. She thinks everyone came after her and did not like her.  She doesn't think she is the problem.

Cynthia is the type of pretty girl without a brain.  Does she have a mind of her own?  I always taught my daughter to be a leader and not a follower.  When the wind shifts, Cynthia does too.  That's bad to see a grown woman who will not think on her own.  Does she really thinks Kenya is her friend?  She was all on Kenya side and did not think she was wrong for bullying Porsha. The next show will show how she ran and spilled the beans by blabbing her mouth.  Cynthia did this after Apollo told Peter something she couldn't wait to tell her new best friend who couldn't wait to cut Phaedra with it. It's about the man name Chocolate who Apollo accused Phaedra of dating while being married to him.

Porshe looked great at her modeling shoot.  She seems more confident than she was before. She will not apologize to Kenya for beating her butt because Kenya came for her.

Kandi will continue to be a cool person who is charming with everyone.  She won't side with any one person, except her mamma. She is busy preparing for Todd's eighteen-year-old daughter's arrival. The newlyweds have a discussion about giving kids too much, and Kandi thinks children should be happy so why not give them what they want as a reward.  Todd doesn't want his daughter getting everything and wants her to work for what she gets.

Tonight the show centered around  Nene.  It wasn't ghetto fabulous, but we know it is coming.  The show didn't introduce the two new girls tonight. You can believe when they show up they are going for the Queen.  After all, if they don't knock her off the throne, they will be back in the unemployment line.  I give this show a B+.  Nene is still running everything, and that's alright by me.  

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