Friday, May 11, 2012

A Word of Advice

My mother always told her children that if you don’t have anything to say about a person, don’t say anything. I’ve tried to honor and respect her request over the years but there are absolutely some things that you have to say about a person. Especially when the person who is running off at the mouth have more problems and open sin than those they try to malign. But still, they feel they can call out another person. Bristol Palin! Wow it’s so hard not to say anything about her when she makes negative statements about others. But sometimes you just cannot sit back and smile. Another reason I didn’t want to say anything is because it gives her the press she so desperately seeks. I’m still mad at presidential candidate John McClain for not researching this family and giving their voice of hatred a platform. She uses her religion to spread hate for gays and anybody else who doesn’t like her mom’s views or listens to her rants about gay people. Remember the video TMZ had of her arguing with a guy and calling him gay or the time she said someone was gay on her Facebook page because they apparently didn’t agree with her family on some issue. It seems whenever she lashes out at folks, she calls them gay as to hurt or insult them. Such a good Christian!! But this is a Christian who was brought up virtuous right? She didn’t have a baby out of wedlock or say she’d hope it wasn’t his (Levi) because surely she had only been with one guy. I digress~ I think I am going to leave this young girl to her own self destructive devices and with her hatred filled fans as her mom probably wrote the blog for her anyway!

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