Sunday, April 01, 2012

Donation for Justice for Trayvon Martin

We are raising money for Trayvon Martin, the youth who was shot and killed by the neighborhood watch guy who felt he looked suspicious.Trayvon parents are going to need help to pay for their lawyers and to try to get justice for their son. Some authors,(including me) are willing to donate 17% of our royalties to donate. Please click on the link and find an author to purchase a book from. (hopefully me)I'll report back to my blog how much I donated from the sales.


Herman Johnson said...

I think they ought to post a recent photo of him.

Herman Johnson said...

If I am to believe what I saw on the other web site, Trayvon was not as innocent as we are led to believe. I believe the News Organizations need to publish the truth. Not bend the news to fit what they want to portray. Trayvon Martin was not some innocent kid. Was any of the Jewelry he had that was given to the Police, ever claimed by any of the burglary victims? I am talking about the jewelery that he found along with that big screw driver.

prioritybooks said...

Herman I think you might be the only one in the world that knows about him, jewelry, and a screw driver. Were you his partner because it not in any news feed I've read?