Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Memories! Families build memories during special and not so special occasions. Once those memories are made, if good, they are usually passed down to new generations. My parents made Christmas special for us. After cooking and baking for many hours, she would bake cookies for Santa. We would put a full glass on the table and two cookies and when we woke up the next morning, we would run into the kitchen to check the milk and cookies. Almost every single time the glass would be empty and the cookies gone. Only crumbs left.

“Santa was here,” we’d scream with joy as we all ran into the living room with the huge Christmas tree. We would search for our names on gifts and scream with glee as we discovered we’d received almost everything we wished for. We’d eat and play all day with our new things. Those were the good days! Now some young mothers don’t value making memories for their little ones. “I’m going out.” “This is the weekend and I don’t keep children on weekends,” “I need a babysitter.” I asked one young mother, “Don’t you want to see your kids’ faces as they tear their wrapping off their gifts and jump for joy at their surprises.” “No,” she said, “Kids get on my nerves. They can do that over their grandmothers.” Some kids are not getting the opportunity to build those kinds of memories. Because of what Christmas meant to me as a child and what my parents did to share it, my husband and I did for our daughter. I hope when she has a family she will pass down the same tradition. Christmas is about Jesus, families and spreading love. Though a little gift giving never hurts! Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy!

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