Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blessings in Disguise

I am so thankful for everything. I’m thankful for my parents, my husband, daughter, and all my relatives. Mostly, I am thankful that for the past year, I have had the time & opportunity to
spend so much time with my parents, without financial worries. You see, one year ago I was surprised with a lay-off. When people see you as a threat and as being successful, they go behind your back to sabotage you. I had a person who spent a lot of time lying on me and trying to make me look inadequate on the job. But I never dreamed those lies would impact my job. Though I was told the lies didn't, it's hard to believe that when you are staring at someone telling you out of the blue your job has been totally eliminated. People are devious and jealous when they think you are too successful. They try their best to bring you down. But, when you are dealing with one of God’s children, your efforts are useless. Though the same person who tried to do me harm, position was eliminated, exactly 4 days before my year off. Karma is something!

Since I have been off, one year and one day to be exact, I have achieved so much. Although I own my own publishing company, I have always been able to multi-task many things while still performing on a job. So being in management was something I did rather easily. One job never impacted the other. Publishing was a side thing for me because it was never my intentions to start a company. I simply wanted to write and become published without the pressures of trying to find someone who liked my work enough to publish it.

I honestly asked God to give me an opportunity to do what I love. I was experiencing burn-out on my job because I didn’t have adequate staff or tools to work with. So I worked smart, yet very hard. Then Dad became ill.

To make a long story short, God answered my prayers. Not in the way I expected, because I was shocked with the announcement that my job had been eliminated, but God works in mysterious ways. My publishing company is growing stronger and I have completed writing 4 books this year and started two more. I have also released 3 new books by other authors and signed two new authors. I also received, in the last 10 months, four awards for my work with teens and
from the work I do through my publishing company.

Writing this is not to brag, but to show others that when we ask God to help us and give our burdens to Him, He comes through in high fashion when we have faith. None of the awards or the books mean as much as the time I have spent loving and taking care of my father. God blessed me and my siblings with great parents and I have had the opportunity to return the same love and care while trying to be a good daughter to my parents, especially dad during his illness.

Though Dad’s health isn’t the best now at 77 years old, he is surrounded by a family that loves him unconditionally. I thank God for blessing him with the opportunity to share parts of me that were clothed in a busy work schedule. I thank Him for blessing me with an amazing husband, who is excellent provider and a daughter who has helped me by holding down the house, and assisting me with everything, including Dad.

They say when one door closes, another opens. I can truly say I don’t know where God is leading me, but I am enjoying the journey He is taking me on. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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Berry said...

Blessed indeed! Wow!