Monday, August 22, 2011

My Life as of this Moment

I have been exhausted working on my parent’s financial information, wills and living wills. If I can suggest one thing to the readers of my blog it would be to get your elderly parents’ information in order. This means finances, living will, finance and health power of attorney, and anything else that you will have to handle in the event that something happens.

I have been off work now for about 9 months and it has been the best nine months of my life. What have I done doing this time?

•First I am nominated to receive an award from the Racial Harmony- Phenomenal Women of Metropolitan St. Louis Award.
•Awarded by the Metropolitan NAACP for Inspiring Woman
•Prepared 6 new books for publishing by old and new authors on my imprint
•I completed three books coming out this year, A Sinner’s Cry- (my best work so far), Daddy’s Little Instruction Book for Finding and Marrying the Right Guy, African American Teens and Depression. I am also completing two other ones, On the Brink of Madness about families and Alzheimer, and Attacked by Love- a story of Domestic Violence,
•Started an Unemployment Blog
•Launched and organized and delivered first load of goodies for my now annual Adopt an After school Program. We have delivered a truck full of both office and after school supplies to Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House an organization in East St. Louis that really is about the people and helping to stabilize families through counseling, employment assistance, child care, senior health care, day care for seniors, etc.
•Spend two-three days a week with my mom and dad. Love this! Never would have been able to do this had I been working.
•Visited several sick and shut ins.
•Getting ready to start a Book Bazaar in Illinois
•Paid for accommodations to attend several author/publishing conferences- one in St. Louis, 1 in Atlanta
•Requested application and paper work to work on doctorate degree.
•Attended 1 wedding with another to go in September
•Helped organized my family for my mothers’ recognition banquet- Tribute to Seniors hosted by our church. (This was beautiful) will post pictures soon.
•Hosted daughters’ 23rd birthday dinner
•Traveled to the south for 5 day visit- visiting Memphis, Little Rock and Pine Bluff.
•Planning trip to New Orleans to see the rebuilding progress and to eat….yes that right. Want to try their gumbo.
•Planned and prepared delicious meals for hubby and family
•Oh yeah purchased a new dog Peanuts.
•Tutored my 5 year old grand niece
•Reconnected with lifelong friends for dinner
Took my daughter and grand niece and nephew to the Universal Soul Circus
Wow I have done much more but I think this is enough to post. I needed that time off to nurture me. Now I’m about to get this weight off. With all the dinners, lunches, and visiting with mom and dad and sitting at the computer, yes indeed, you know what happened? Yes I gained weight. I know I didn’t need any more considering I was carrying too much anyway, but yes I gained about 25 new pounds. But tomorrow, is a new day and pray for me because I am starting on tomorrow to begin a new day, a new dawn……….

What have you been up too? Be blessed readers


Diedra B said...

Good luck with your new plans and your healthy goals
I think it's awesome you've been able to get so many things accomplished
9-5 work sucks away so much of our time and energy
One thing about parents, though, it's not always easy to get them to hand over some of the reigns. . .

BostonPobble said...

Look at beautiful, beautiful you! I literally giggled when I saw there was a new post here. :):):) It sounds as if you are having a wonderful time and a wonderful life, which is no less than you deserve. Drop me a line when you get the dates for New Orleans; I would love to take you for an iced tea if we're at home when you're in town!!

prioritybooks said...

Hey Diedra- when most people lose their jobs, it is a disaster but I needed to be off after working straight for almost 30 years.(I worked through college too) Plus doubling with a side passion in publishing. I have had an amazing time getting to know my parents past and enjoying shopping with them and lunching together. Had I been at work, I could not have accomplished half of this. Yes parents are not so willing to give over their reigns. I let them keep that but wanted to make sure they had all their things in line. They are so organized too.

prioritybooks said...

Oh Pobble: I pray you are there when we come. Hubby was working on travel last night. I know it is October. I'll let you know very soon. Would love to meet you!!

Stephen Bess said...

Hello! Long time. I am getting ready to start school. I'm teaching at a local college. I am also continuing to write. I have one poetry collection and now I'm working on short stories. I've also become a minister in the church of the past year. So, God is preparing me for what I hope are greater things. Peace~

prioritybooks said...

Congrats to you Stephen. I'll have to check out your new poetry. Again congrats on your new endeavors.

Gyles said...

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