Saturday, June 18, 2011

Two Faced

Why do people talk behind others back? If you cannot say something in front of or to a person you should not say anything at all. I have an old co-worker who thinks she is smarter than God. Really she does and I pretty much told her. She spent a lot of time ranting about others, running to the executive director and putting in fake complaints on folks, all in the name of ‘I am the smartest person at the agency.’

Lately I have heard she mentions my name constantly in a negative way to clients. (That’s not good at all) I've seen some who reported this. I want to say something but hubby said to let it go. This person is trying to make herself look good because she suffers from low self-esteem.

She not a very attractive person and honestly her attitude suck big time. People just don’t like her and I feel bad for her. Blogger friends you have been with me a long time and you know if I have something to say, I will. But in this case, I think this person has suffered enough anytime she has to make herself look good by bashing a person who’s been gone so long. Doesn’t this person know if you are still using my name to justify why you haven’t done, completed, or improved something- all eyes are on you in a negative way…..??!!

Well anyway life for me is great! I’ve even had offers to return to some old jobs. I am working on losing my weight and loving my new job and all my old ones. Publishing is going great and I am looking forward to going on several major trips this year. I have also been nominated for many awards for my exceptional work, and passion for the people I work with. Not only that, it’s wonderful not have to work around people who lie to make themselves look better.


BostonPobble said...

1. The only reason I can see for you to say anything to/about this woman is if she starts impacting *your* reputation. Otherwise, you're right, she's just a sad, pathetic woman and really not worth your energy.

2. That last paragraph...???? The publishing going so well and award nominations...???? You can't just slip that in without expanding with details, woman! Details! Because it all sounds too wonderful not to celebrate with you.

Rose said...

Hey Pobble: My husband said my work with people speaks louder than lies. For instance, the people who told me this were clients who progressed after my assistance, so they were like positive when she said was negative. So basically she didn't get anywhere. I spoke to a lawyer and he said it was wasteful to sue someone who didn't have anything. He stated you will spend a bunch of money to get what, your feelings soothed. I'm ok though because the place in question reputation isn't so great either.
2. My next blog will show some of the awards.....
3. Pobble you are such as blessing to me.

Freshabella said...

Let the haters hate. As Jill Scott sings, "hate on me hater..." I've had haters my whole life and I haven't stopped high stepping yet!

Diedra B said...

I like your fabulous good news. Keep living well.
Your old coworker isn't fooling anyone.

Wig said...

I agree with BostonPobble...if she starts impacting your reputation, you may have to say something to her. Also, congrats on your award nominations! ~Cris