Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Devil is A Liar- Be Careful

It started in March when a so-called friend as she told everyone she was to me, (which was a lie), started sabotaging me. She did things to me to this day that I will never understand. When I get this resolved, I’ll tell you more. But what I want to tell you right now is keep your friends close and your enemies closer so that you can watch them.

People are extremely evil today. You can help them with feeding their families, give them money, recommend them to folks for jobs, but there is one thing you cannot do with the devil. You cannot turn your back on him and you cannot let your heart get in the way of doing what is right. Sometimes you have to immediately remove the evilness from your life even when you are not sure that the person is evil. You have to heed to the warnings of others. There is truth in honor.

The devil is slick. He comes to you in the form of someone who wants to help you, who want to make you look good, they are great performers. They go to great extremes to get to know you, while at the same time they are in your office searching for stuff on you, your car, and ease dropping on your conversations because they are trying to entrap you. They are trying to find something on you to use against you later because they are unsuccessful, lazy, and suffer from ugly & low self-esteem.

Be careful who you let in your life. You cannot feel sorry for folks; you certainly cannot take pity on people and drop your guards around them. Vultures attach when they feel they can benefit the most. Life is hard for many folks right now and some people are looking for a quick dollar. Some are looking to break a person down, to make them feel as low as they feel. Honestly, that is not going to happen to me.

I am a fighter. Although, I have a heart of gold, when I feel violated, I strike back with the truth. My mom assured me that eventually the truth always come out about people, jobs, and People. I’m counting on that. In the meantime- don’t let the sneaky little lying ass devil infiltrate your lives.


BostonPobble said...

Almost a full year of this. I cannot imagine. Still, my money is on yours and God's strength.

edward author of " a hole in my heart' said...

yeah the devil crazy. he can also buy churches chicken !

Rose said...

Thank you BostonPobble:
You are an inspiration. This too shall pass.

Rose said...

Hey Edward, thanks for stopping through. You're right but the Devil can do or say anything. The key is staying close to God.

Shirazi said...

Yes, Devil is a big lire. Nice title/

JerseyTjej said...

HAY, Rose!!!!
hear you and support you right out loud! The devil is a liar and those that work on behalf of evil are too... A friend of mine once quoted that famous line to me about keeping friends close... No one wants to see someone doing poorly, especially when we feel particularly blessed. I will always remember that quote and keep one eye on the motives of everybody.