Thursday, December 09, 2010

Concerned about Image

I always tell my daughter to be careful what she does and to never post pictures on the Internet that can later come back to hunt her. My friends and I saw some pictures of her childhood friend on the Internet and she was drinking, smoking and dancing suggestively against some guys. This girl wants to be physician. Even though folks grow up and mature into responsible people, I know for a fact that stuff like that will hunt you professionally. You just have to be careful how you portray yourself in living color.

There’s actually a lot I would like to say but I try to limit or tone down my feelings. I have been seriously thinking of a pen name and an additional blog so I can write totally from my heart’s desire. Everyone would not like what I am saying but still I would have my say. Are you worried about what you say on the net, or I’m getting too old for my own good?


BostonPobble said...

There are too many stories about people losing their jobs or not getting jobs or ruining relationships because of pictures and words they put online. And once it's out there it Never Goes Away. It's out there Forever. Privacy is becoming a thing of the past (to the point that you are considered arrogant or ignorant or suspicious if you still want it) as it is. I see no reason to help it along.

A very long response to say "I agree with you." Can you tell I feel strongly about this? lol

GC {God's Child} said...

there is some amount of damage control your daughter's friend can do. If she asks politely friends might be willing to remove questionable photos.
She can also change the way she names herself on social networking sites.
Yes, it's important to be careful. But once the horse as left the barn, there are things one can do about it.

TJ said...

You gave your daughter some really good advice. I don't worry about what I post on the net, but I try to be careful because some of my family and friends read my page and sometimes refer their friends. Like BostonPobble said, once it's there it is there forever, even after it's deleted.