Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Kids and Sexuality
What would you do if you caught a three year old humping on his 5 year old sister and another 3 year old girl? I have to admit that I really talked to the child about why he should never do this until he was married. Then I explained that he should never, ever do that again to his sister because it was wrong. Then I told his little butt that he should not do that to other girls until he was like twenty or married. Then I popped him upside his head.

I did that because this child is too smart- he uses big words and can easily have a great conversation with you. He understood what he did, and that it was wrong to do this at this age. I hit him to reinfoce it. He is my nephew and I knew that hitting him would be more powerful them my words.

Then I called his mother and told her to turn off the tv and if she was doing this where he could see it to stop. I realize that he did not know what he was doing but if he is not stopped now I could see the little boy in later years impregnanting all kinds of teenagers. Was I too hard?


Anonymous said...

Wow. I feel so bad for what our kids are being exposed to (no judgment or disrespect aimed at your sister). No, I don't think you were too hard. You explained and then reinforced with physical punishment. I'm cool with that.

Rose said...

the truth is kids learn by what they see on tv and in plain view. My nephew obviously has seen this. Having a young mother who is only 22, she may have allowed him or even unknowing seen her with his dad. I spoke to her and let her know that she needs to start talking to him now, refrain from allowing him to see things and if he does happen to walk in on something to explain it. The good thing is on yesterday when I saw him, he ranned into my arms and said Aunt T I've been really good. So I believe he got the message but I'll keep reinforcing that he is a child and they do child things.

Anonymous said...

I think that you speaking to her was essential. Honestly, how many times do we see that something is going in the wrong direction and fail to address it with an adult that can change it? Good Auntie (and sister)!!!

GC {God's Child} said...

You were right to say something. A word to the wise is sufficient, the bible says.

He couldn't have picked that up with psychic powers. He had to have seen something. Whether something on the tv, or Internet, or live action, he saw something.

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Good that you had talk with him right away. Kids are different nowadays.

Momma Bear said...

No Rose, you were not too hard. I'm surprised that it was a three year old. Things are certainly starting out young and it is getting quite scarey.

I have not been blogging because someone from a foreign country keeps commenting in their language on my posts and I don't know who they are. It's kind of frightening.