Friday, September 03, 2010

Love Being Pampered

What is your favorite thing to do for relaxation? Mine is getting a pedicure in that wonderful feeling high-powered massage chair.


Ca88andra said...

For me its getting my hair done. I just love my hair being washed by someone else!

BostonPobble said...

Depends on how much time I have. When I'm in crunch time, like now, the end of work bath is the best feeling in the world. On an average day, very little beats the mani-pedi combo. Especially if I'm at a spa where they can do both at once. Heaven! But when I have a large chunk of time, a whole day at a spa with mani-pedi, facial, massage...Wonderful!

Ooo ~ I also love grabbing a book and heading to a park or down by the river. Find a sunny spot under a tree and read until I fall asleep. That's a truly delicious way to relax, although I haven't done it since I left Boston.