Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grown folks know they shouldn't lie. We are adults and should be accountable for our actions. If we do or say something, please have the courage to admit it. Just have the decency to stand up for what you say. No wonder our children and teens are struggling with doing the right thing! Geez!


BostonPobble said...

THANK YOU! This has become one of my pet peeves recently. Don't deflect. Don't make it about me or whomever is calling you out. Don't get defensive. You (insert Pobble expletive here) lied. That's not *my* fault and it's not my fault you got busted.


Can you tell this is a sensitive subject for me these days. Sorry if I got a bit...passionate.

kathi said...

ONE of the most positive things I love about my kids is that they'd suffer any consequence before they'd lie to you, they've always been that way. They are, and always have been, my role models. :)

Shirazi said...

This can solve so many problems.

And thanks Rose for stopping by fairies playground. BTW, you have a standing invitation to come to the place.