Friday, March 19, 2010

Last public entry about this:

“Mom, Dad is sick. He is seeing things for real.”

“I was hoping this was not true. Stop crying. We’ll work this out. You know his dad had Alzheimer. I think it is hereditary.”

“I remember Granddaddy having it. Did he see things?”

“Yes, he did. Don’t you remember him seeing King Tut on the wall? He used to have some wild hallucinations. He saw Bible characters and dead people.“

“I remember dad having to go search for him because he kept sneaking out of the house. Oh my God, who is going to help me with Dad? I can’t do this by myself; you know I can’t depend on my siblings. It is their Dad, but they’ll leave all this on me.”

“We need to make an appointment for the doctor to get a proper diagnosis. Have you done that?”

“No, I will after I talk to you. I have the number because I took him to the doctor a couple of months ago.”

“Where are you headed now?”

“Back home.”

“Well call me and let me know what happens.”

“I will.”

As I hung up the phone I found myself becoming angry. Why does Dad have to have this? “Lord, I whispered. Please don’t let him have this, please.”

After I called the doctor and made an appointment I called dad and told him that I would pick him up in two days. Next, I called my husband to inform him about what was happening. He basically told me to wait until the doctor diagnosed him. He went on to tell me to stop panicking and to get my ass off the phone while driving. As I ended the call, I said to myself, what an insensitive man. Even though, I knew this was not true about my husband but when you are in distress, you need the person you share your information to be a lot more sensitive at that time.


Note: This has been a life changing experience for my family. But I have to admit that it is bringing an already close family even closer. My nephew and neice are really helping me and dad. So far, he is able to stay at home. Keep us in your prayers, especially my dad.

I will resume regular blogging......thanks for reading....


penny wize said...

I'm praying for you and your dad. This is indeed a challenging disease for those afflicted and their loved ones. Moral support is important for the caretaker(s) as well, and I'm glad you have that.

Anonymous said...

It's so important that you all remain open to communicate and lean on one another. It's indeed a tough journey to travel. May God continue to draw the family closer as you lean on Him for your own rest.

GC (God's Child) said...

I am so glad to hear your Dad has been able to stay in his home. Everything else must be so challenging that he must be comforted by familiar sights, sounds, and scents.