Thursday, January 21, 2010

Taming Tiger

I do believe that there are men who suffer from sexual addiction problems. Being in social services for as long as I have been, it is something that I've heard often. So everything that is happening to Tiger is not surprising to me, though I believe he is using it as an excuse. I don’t care much for him anyway. I saw that Oprah show he was on and was proud of him until he became angry when she asked him about being the first African American golfer. But I digress. Yet, I find it interesting that the media gave him a title as he seeks help. How do they address his treatment? Taming Tiger. (Interesting) The media is something else.


GC (God's Child) said...

ohhh brother

Anonymous said...

Tiger is not so terrific, eh? Oh well, he had us going there for a while. LOL


p.s. sorry I can't seem to log in as belizegial tonight

Anonymous said...

Someone brought up a good point...people deeply into golf (a game requiring one to hit a small ball into a hole with a club) tend to be rather obsessive. As we all know...obsessive people easily transfer that obsession from one habit or issue to the next. The drug addict who becomes a chain smoker. The former alcoholic who starts using prescription
drugs instead...etc.