Monday, December 07, 2009

The Women Just Keep Coming

I remember when my mother told me about her brother and that he had a white liver. She often talked about his sexual escapades and how he always told anyone who would listen that he could not get enough of sex. Mom told me that in the old days they called people who wanted sex all the time, a person suffering from white liver.

In college I heard about women who wanted it all the time. They were the ones that the guys talked about and passed around. It was said that these women were nymphomaniacs. They could not get enough of sex. Actually, I met two women who admitted they needed it no less than three times daily but could do it more times if they could find someone who could go the distant.

Then I found out that a relative suffered from it. Ultimately his wife left because she said she could not hang with the constant requests to engage in sex, sometimes three to four times a day, seven days a week.

Then I saw the movie on Lifetime. It was about a man who had a sexual addiction. Next we heard about Hallie Berry’s husband, Eric Bennett and then about Usher, and so on and so on…….

These people claimed to suffer from a sexual addiction problem. Do I believe them? Yes I do. I know now of too many people who suffers from this. I told a friend that if we could match a nymphomaniac with a man with a white liver- the problem would be solved or else they would die loving each other.

Does Tiger suffer from this? Or is being a billionaire giving him the red light to bed as many women as he can? One thing is for sure, if I were his wife, I would never trust him. Actually, I would take the money and leave. I heard that you could be cured of sexual addiction. I’m not sure. But with diseases on the rampant, and a man I could not trust- loving him might not be worth giving my life to a man, who wasn’t thinking about me when he was laying down with so many others. I wonder how he feels with the truth coming out about him. To cure Tiger maybe I can introduce him to the person I know. Oh no, that wouldn’t work....she
is not his type.

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