Thursday, December 03, 2009

A Murderer in the Family

A man named Jamar Pinkney from Detroit was charged with CAPITAL murder for killing his own son.

His son, Jamar's 15 year old (Jamar Jr) confessed to his mother that he was molesting his 3 year old half sister (his father's daughter with another woman). Jr's mother immediately called up Jamar Sr and told him what his teenage son was doing. The father became outraged.

The aunt stated, “He beat my nephew real bad in the head, where he had knots like he had been in a boxing ring ... [When Cherry tried to intervene, the father pulled out a gun.]"

“I ran down the street to get police down here and I heard a gunshot,"

The elder Jamar apparently beat up his son. Then took him out into a field behind the house and shot him.

Wow this story is super sad. I don't see how a man can kill his son. He needed help and it seems to me he was asking for it, when he told his mom what he was doing. I understand how angry you can get because someone has hurt your child but to kill another one. That is too much for the heart to take. I wonder when the father came to his senses how he felt. Was there remorse?


GC (God's Child) said...

sorry to hear this sad story
perhaps the father felt there was no help/hope for his son and feared he would turn into a sexual predator.
Pedophilia is a horrible disease.
The whole family needs a lot of therapy now.

TJ said...

Wow. What a mess.