Monday, October 19, 2009

Pray for my Mother

Last night mom felled and hurt her lip and cut and area above her eye. She is suffering from arthritic in the hips so bad that she walks on a cane. Movement is painful for her.

It’s hard to watch your parents grow old. I still see them as youthful. She wants to have surgery to put something between the bones so they don’t rub together, this will ease or stop the pain. I’ll talk to the doctor to see how risky this is. She is in a lot of pain when she walks. I do want to see her walk straight and not be in pain. She is pretty healthy for a 71 year old. I just pray we make the right decision. Dad is 75 and suffers from high blood pressure. His doctor told me he is pretty healthy. I just want mom to walk straight but as of now she is bent all the way over with a cane. I can't imagine life without my parents. Pray we make the right decision.


GC (God's Child) said...

sorry to hear about your Mom.

Will do!

Anonymous said...

I will.