Monday, October 26, 2009

It Can Happen to Anyone

Domestic Violence affects every family it seems in one way or another. Either you know someone who experienced it, is going through, or you work in the social service industry, so you have probably seen it or heard about this horrible act.

Well, 2 weeks ago a young girl I know and love went through it. She is 21 years old, and the mother of two. She met a guy about six months ago and she thought he was an okay person. Last week she walked to the store and this angered him, so he smacked her on the side of her face with a gun. She received 12 stitches, a serious black eye and half a swollen face. Although she is doing better, she is very hurt and bewildered about this act. She has vowed never to see him again and she pressed charges.Right now she is living away from home. She is getting stronger everyday.

I have personally called the police department on several occasions to see if he has been picked up, but they never call back. So much for good policing! However, she did file a report and is pressing charges. I'm hoping she never goes back considering many women will, probably soon after the act. However, this mother has stayed strong. Heading into the third week, she said that no man who loves you would have done such a thing. I told her I agreed.

She said that people think her family members ought to get involved and kill this guy. I told her to keep them out of it. Why should they possibly loose their life by being killed or going to jail should they kill this guy. Let the law work. I know three officers and a police chief. So I will contact them in the morning and let them know that this person has not been picked up. I think it is a jurisdiction issue. She went to the hospital in another city and the warrant was issued there. So I am going to push this issue being resolved and this young man who carry guns can get what he has coming. I don’t want him to hurt another young girl. Get this! He is 21 too. Pray that our teenagers and young women will have enough value in themselves to stay away from young thugs.


GC (God's Child) said...

um, kill him?
Whoa. Did he kill someone? Even the law of Moses required and eye for an eye. But to kill someone who hit a woman is just perpetuating the ugliness.

TJ said...

Wow. I'm glad she has not gone back to him.

Renita said...

Hi rose...its been a while since I've visited your page...always good topics...statistically she'll return, if not to him to another abuser...its important for her to be able to identify the signs before the physical abuse...there's always something else, verbal, controlling...
I am working on a piece called "Breaking Free"..a collection of stories of women and children...(men too, I suppose)... "domestic" describes the abuser and also allows for lighter sentencing...had he hit a stranger the consequences would be more certain...much work to be done..