Monday, August 17, 2009

Looking Way Back

I recently took my daughter to look at the house that I grew up in. I lived in this house from the age of 5-15. That was more than 30 plus years ago. It felt like I had lived there a life time. Everything beautiful in my life happened here. The house had five large bedrooms and a den, sun room, dining and living room, a huge basement with part of it made into a concrete skating rink. My parents wanted us to enjoy our home. When I was growing up this was a beautiful home both inside and out. The front was screened in. I remember visiting with friends and reading inside the screened in porch. It also had a swing inside. My whole family loved this home. My fraternal grandparents lived next door. I met many people who are still apart of our lives to this very day.

When we moved supposedly higher up, we all cried. Even mom didn’t want to leave. But dad said we had to go to something better. The house we moved in did not have anything on this house. Our bedrooms were smaller. The house we moved into was a ranch home. My mom still lives there now with two of her grandkids.

My daughter just stared at the house. “You all lived in that!” Yes we did and trust me in those days it was a beautiful stately white house to us. I’m surprised it is still standing, because my parents evicted at least five families before they eventually sold off their properties. Mostly the renters destroyed the house and would never pay rent on time. From that experience, I would never want to be a property owne
r who rents to others. When we were growing up, this house was so huge to us. The people in it now, just let it go. The yard looks terrible too.


JerseyTjej said...

Isn't it funny that moving up was supposedly a good thing, now we find that there was nothing wrong with origin. Really nice house, but glad mom has a place of her own, now, too!

GC (God's Child) said...

I hear that on the renting
good tenants are hard to find

TJ said...

My parents had similar issues with tenants. If we ever do rental properties, I'm getting professional property management. I just don't have the patience for the trouble.