Sunday, July 05, 2009

What A Shame!

For a wife this has got to be the most hurtful thing to ever happen to you besides losing a parent or a child. To know that your husband was having an affair with a young woman who may have taken his and her life. I feel bad for Steve McNair’s wife and children. This positive role model who apparently has done so much for others was dipping and dabbing with another woman, to the point that his death has to come with so much shame.

Please tell me what in the heck is wrong with these men? Why can’t they be happy with one woman? Not only that this man was doing this in the open. It seems everyone knew about him except his wife.

Look at him on these pictures from TMZ. He is smiling like he won the lottery. His wife is beautiful but this woman isn’t even attractive. All I can say is pray for his family. To know that someone you love and respected had another life and may have died because of it is probably heartbreaking.


TJ said...

I think they said it was a homicide, but it does not make this better.

TJ said...

Nevermind. Somebody told the family they think she was the shooter. What a mess.

Anonymous said...

Steve McNair was an exceptional athlete and from what I hear a giver, but what a tragic ending. He'll be missed.