Monday, July 13, 2009

Soon to be released by Prioritybooks

Prioritybooks is proud to announce that we will soon release a new book on Obama. It is a look at his inner campaign for U. S. Senate, and President of the United States from an insider. My friend of nearly 30 plus years, Ray Coleman was a volunteer consultant for Barack's senate campaign, and a steering committee member on the presidential campaign. He spent many days and many hours with this man he perceived as a phenomenon. We are proud to become a part of the documentation of this historical event. We present to you the cover and some pictures that documented Ray's experience. The cover is by well known artist, Bruni.Sablan, the painting is entitled "The Chosen One."
Ray's daughter with Obama

Obama holding ray's daughter

Ray introducing Obama. Doing what he does best!

In Church waiting to announce his run for the U. S. Senate - November 9, 2003

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