Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rather Get Her CD

I would never pay $250.00 to see a singer. To me that is so wasteful. I would pay it to meet Barack but not Beyonce. I heard tickets sales for her intimate sessions in Vegas start at $250.00 up to $1000 plus. Heck if I want to hear her music intimately I can pop in a Cd in my car. I mean she is an excellent performer but I rather spend that kind of money on me. After all she made 80 million dollars last year and probably will exceed that this year. Wow, maybe she should give some free concerts rather than try to make another dollar off people into her music.


chele said...

$250? Um, no.

GC (God's Child) said...

or you could drive up to Mohegan Sun casino in CT and pay $95.75

MOMSWEB said...

I agree. Never have and never will. I've gone to one concert and it was the Commodores. I know...a long time ago huh (lol).