Monday, March 23, 2009

Next Strategy

Everyday no matter what I do or hard it is I will never stop trying to encourage a teen to achieve at their highest level…

This is why when President Obama said in his speech that all people should further their education, I thought I would use this influential person’s message to motivate a teenager. I called my young nephew and said, “President Obama is encouraging everybody to further their education and to go back for higher education.” I held the phone tightly. I was thinking Obama is the first African American President, maybe my nephew will believe that all is possible; maybe he’ll listen this time. He jogged me out of my thoughts, “We should never have voted him in, huh?” I wasn’t expecting that. I hung up the phone.

Okay that didn’t work. I’m thinking about what to do next. I will never give up on him.


TJ said...

Your nephew is blessed to have an aunt like you who won't give up on him.

Deb S. said...

I agree that your nephew is blessed to have you. Don't take this the wrong way, but you kind of left yourself open to getting your feelings hurt. Teenagers don't want to hear about the President.

Don't take it personally, and don't give up. Just realize that you can't force this. The motivation for your nephew is going to have to come from within him.

With my teenagers, I had to learn when to step back and stop pushing - and when to out-think them (not an easy thing to do these days).

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Renita said...

If school is not his "thing" then what is??
We expected our daughter to graduate college with honors..she dropped out and discovered a passion and gift for braiding, locking, and such.
Our son we expected to go to trade school...he's excelling studying Audio Engineering...who'd thunk it??
Each young person has to find their "way" takes some longer than others.
Kudos to you for persevering with him.
For my teens I prayed that God would stir a passion (prayed that too much..they are WAY passionate), that God would infiltrate their dreams with thoughts of their purpose, that God would keep us in peace, that God would withhold his blessings when they were in disobedience, that God would protect them when they didn't (don't) have sense to keep themselves, that they would fulfill what God gave them life to do.
So far so good, but its been a rough road.
Grace and Peace to You,