Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gorgeous Keke Palmer

I think Keke is gorgeous but with this dress and heels, she doesn't appear to be 15. She looks so much older. I wouldn't have allowed my daughter to dress so sexy at this age. I guess it is the signs of the times.


Renita said...

eee gads

Miz JJ said...

The dress is too tight and she has on too much make-up. I've seen Dakota Fanning in short dresses with heels, but they seem more age appropriate. Also, Dakota is wearing zero make-up which helps her look age appropriate. I think we are out of vogue because I saw my niece in a dress recently (posted on facebook) that I thought was wildly inappropriate. What do I know.

Bunny Brown said...

She is such a pretty girl but I hate it when the industry makes these children grow so quickly.