Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I carry my small flip recorder with me everywhere. I even have my camera with me that also records plus my cell phone. I am ready and willing to record anything. Mostly though I record or take pictures of snow, trees and flowers because I love nature. It's weird to me that with so much technology and so many folks taking pictures and recording things why anyone would do something crazy or negligent.

Take for instance the Bart Cop in Oakland. He shot a young man in the back while lying on his face handcuffed. The cop shot a 20 year old in the back with handcuffs on ya’ll. Wow! It happens all the time but this was caught on video. In the video you can see folks recording the scene so yes it was documented. Everybody is waiting to make a quick buck. These cops' heart must have grown ice cold from their job because they do things, get caught and seemingly don't care. I don't get it.

Another thing! Why on earth do writers/authors have to steal another author’s work? I mean you are supposed to be a best selling author yet you plagiarize, steal and misquote. Why? I always give credit to the writer who wrote something that I repeated; at least I try to do that! People are so willing to steal another persons’ work to make money. If only struggling writers had the opportunity to get all that publicity for creating their own work. I pray that people who support authors don’t stop because they can’t trust our work to be our own.

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