Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dear Santa: Please Stop

Accused of molesting a 9 & 10 year old in Texas. Victim wrote letter to Santa as a school project and asked for help!

I always tell people to watch who they bring around their children. Girls and boys are always in danger if parents don't pay attention to their emotions and feelings. Look at their faces, read their feelings and keep the communication lines open.

As a person who has worked in the social service industry for twenty years, I can not begin to tell you how many people have reported some type of abuse from a family member, parent's boyfriend, relative, neighbor, or teacher. So many folks have been destroyed from being touched inappropriate. Some people can't handle this and end of having all sorts of emotional and mental illness. Yet people still entrust their kids with people they think might be trustworthy. Not me!

From one who has counseled, cried with, supported and referred bruised hearts and souls for intervention, I never left my child with anybody except my sister or husband. That was only after threatening them with life in prison if they allowed anybody to touch or harm my child. I'm still surprised my sister even kept my child.

To keep my daughters innocence I started teaching her about her body when she was two. Yes I did. I told her it was her body and if someone touched her in a bad way to tell me. I showed her what a bad way was too. I also did this with nieces and nephews. Boys are not excluded! Why? Because I know at least 30 people closely who were molested both male and female. So when I find out that a child has found a way to let somebody know...all I can say is hallelujah.

It was amazing what this girl did when she wrote a letter to Santa to rat out this predator. In the meantime, watch the little kids around you. Protect them. They have enough problems then to walk around being abused and used by a sick minded person. Save a child....know deep in your heart who is around your child...pay attention. Take care of your love one. If you don't the sexual predator will....

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BostonPobble said...

Something I have always told the children in my life is that they can tell me anything, any time, even if someone tells them not to ~ and in fact, if some one tells them not to, that's probably the most important thing to tell me. I had a couple birthday and Christmas surprises spoiled when my nephew was very young but it was nice to know he took me so seriously!