Saturday, November 01, 2008

Another Mishap

Palin takes prank call from fake French president- this is super embarrassing. She didn't catch on even though they gave her all kinds of hints. You must read the article.

I won't even go into it.

All I know is yesterday, Oct. 31, in St. Louis 90 people arrived for their work shift at Pevely's and found a notice on the door that they were closed and that they no longer had jobs. Also in St. Louis Chrysler Motors is closing a shift so hundreds are losing their jobs. There are more companies suddenly closing and more people out of work. A good friend of mines was given a pink slip and so many more folks.

Yet, we have a government who cares more about the super rich than the people. We also have folks who care more about party lines, than the condition of our people and the country. These same people who will not have jobs, who will not be able to sufficiently feed their children, care more about party loyalties than their own livelihood. And to boot, they even are trying to vote in a vice president whose weak staff does not even screen calls. Yet this potential Vice President doesn't even catch on to the stupid stuff the callers are saying and doesn't still know the names of presidents of other countries. Sarah but the truth is:

I am afraid for our country and the many people who are suffering and losing their jobs. What will we do when we go to the polls on November 4th? I know for me, I am not going to just think about me because I have a job, I am going to think of my friends, people I don't know, love ones, the unemployed, uninsured, the poor, the homeless, and the forgotten people when I hit the screen and vote for the one person who understand being poor, who has experience living on food stamps, and who provides hope for the hopeless, and who has presented a better plan for our future. Even though no man is perfect and we can not be responsible for how someone turned out when we met them at the mere age of 8, I am endorsing Obama as the next President. I would rather vote for a man who is rational, slow to anger, can think calmly on his feet, and does not incite hate!

We are in a depression and the folks who put us there should be fired. It's like this, would you drive on old tires when they caused you to slide into an accident? No you would not! You would find better ones to change your odds of having another accident. I'm voting for change for the people.

See you on Wednesday, November 5. I pray that I can blog about change........Please vote on November 4th....not just for you but for the all the people.


Berry said...

Totally off topic. I was reading a comment you wrote on my blog two years ago and in hindsight, I should have listened to Rose. LOL1 :-0

BostonPobble said...

My prayers join yours, Rose.

TJ said...

I heard the tape of the call. No comment.