Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Race Riot, Never Again

When I was growing up my mother warned us about two things that would shape our characters. First she required that we choose our friends wisely. My mother used to say, "Birds of a feather flock together." I resisted that assumption. I told my mother that people could change with the right associations. She disagreed. Throughout my 40 plus years of living I have found her to be mostly correct. Normally the stronger personality can pull the other to do things they might not have considered before. It's called peer pressure and many other terms.

The other thing mother said was never mistreat people because the same ones you see on your way up the ladder of success are the same one you meet coming down when you are falling.

McCain and Sarah Palin are horrible together. She is a conservative animal killer who appears vindictive and will do anything to become Vice President- you know the position she told the third grade class that monitors the Senate or something to that nature. Did she read study her job description? What was the vindictive act she did in trooper gate?

The McCain campaign has pretty much crossed the line between negative campaigning and inciting vigilantism. Daily their attacks about Obama patritism heighten. We know what kind of woman Palin is from all reports and from her own interviews but you would think that a seasoned, supposedly poised, and professional war veteran would not stoop so low as to allow his supporters to shout out at rallies for him and Palin to kill Obama and not stop and say that is inappropriate and we would never ever support such a thing. But does he want to be president so bad that he would do anything to get there? Well I guess so since he chose a running mate without getting a background check. Heck, even I when seeking potential new workers check their backgrounds thoroughly. Google along is just not enough.

In Sarah Palins' own words she challenged people to look through the smears. Let’s just hope that the people heed to them. She said, "On the campaign attacks underway now, with a flurry of negative ads flying: "You can't underestimate the wisdom of the people of America. They're seeing through the rhetoric, and they're seeing through a lot of the political cheap shots, also. And they're getting down to the facts and the voting records that are going to show that stark contrast."

There will not be another race riot without plenty of casualties on both sides, not in the USA. Not in my neighborhood are anywhere else and McCain and Palin can lay that one to rest.


GC said...

great post
I am not impressed with these two
I'm also very unimpressed with how Republicans have completely forgotten their conservative stance and have spent the country into oblivion

TJ said...

They are a very hot mess.

kathi said...

Not a fan of Palin and disappointed in McCain...but then again, not a fan of the democrats in this election either. I honestly believe the American people got short changed in this election and whomever wins, it's going to be at a great cost to all of us.
But, I'll be voting because I believe not to would be a great dishonor to those who have fought for my right to do so.

BostonPobble said...

John McCain sold his soul to get the nomination and it very well may cost him the election. I'm not sure what happened to the man I respected even when I disagreed with him. And yes, I, too, am concerned about the potential results of their mob baiting and fear mongering.