Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Blogger's Life

Blogging has been a great experience for me. I have met some wonderful friends all around the world, many who support my dreams of being a writer and publisher. Blogging didn’t start that way for me. I simply wanted to write. Writing is so healing for me. It truly feeds my soul and spirit. It also releases tension and stress. But mostly, it is something I love.

I never thought that writing about my feelings would mean so much. But I have received letters asking for help and advice on topics with teens. I have received offers for speaking engagements, etc. I have even received questions about relationships. But mostly I advise people to seek counseling. I am not licensed. So I stay away from giving anything other than my opinions and usually I hold that in.

On November 3, I spoke to 200 people on Tools and Strategies for Building Positive Self Esteem in Children. I was so hyped. Years ago I spent a lot of time speaking at schools, organizations, etc. But somewhere I lost interest. Even though the pay was great, I just didn’t want to do it any more. I started to get extremely nervous before speaking and I became very shy. I was always that way but somehow it became worse. But in the last year I have accepted more speaking engagements. But On November 3, my audience was mixed with various cultures and races. I spoke almost 70 minutes. When I finished teachers and principals, educators, (it was at a conference for educators) rushed to me wanting my contact information, wanting more and more. By the time I left the area and went into the main auditorium, people were walking up to me asking me if I would be speaking again. I had another session later in the day. When I arrived it was jammed pack. Folks were camped out on the floor because there were no more seats. It was word of mouth that brought more people into my session. I really enjoyed myself. It felt good to be heard. I guess you can say that I am back on the circuit. That’s why I haven’t been blogging. I have been researching and writing presentations. But I’ll always blog.

Finally, I received a manuscript from a blogger that I met here. I read the manuscript and had my editors to check it out. We all enjoyed it. Thought he was a good writer. We also liked the message that his book represented. So I published it. His name is Xavier Pierre, Jr. Visit his blog here:

  • Loversanonymous

  • His new book is called Lovers Anonymous. His book has only been out two months but it is making an impact. Check out an excerpt here:

  • Rosebooks

    kathi said...

    You are such an influence, I'm proud to know you.

    Kayla said...

    You go girl! :)

    Rosemarie said...

    As always you are doin' your thing and doin' it well! I am fortunate to know you -- a woman of good reputation and character. Blessings on your continued success in speaking.

    Belizegial said...

    Rose, it's been awhile since I've visited you here. I'm behind with my blog visits due to deadline pressures on this end with MBA classes I undertook in September of this year.

    Glad to hear that your life is going well, speaking engagements and a new book published.

    I will be going to the link to read the excerpt.

    Thanks for sharing as always,

    Momma Bear said...

    Rose, I'm not surprised about the success of your speaking engagment. I only wish I was in the area so as to join the many people who are blessed to hear you. Keep it up girl and may the Lord continue to bless you.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Anonymous said...
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    Rethabile said...

    I'll Father Christmas to put the book in my sock. I've read excerpts before, and bravo to Xavier.

    Dr. Deb said...

    You are a natural leader and teacher, Rose. It must have been a wonderful experience for you and for the audience.

    Momma Bear said...

    I am not surprised that you are a good speaker and that many people gather to hear you. I can tell just by reading your blog. I am honored to have a blog friend such as yourself. God Bless you and may your future be even brighter today than it was yesterday and may the Lord bless you in everything you do.

    Ingrid said...

    Hey Rose! I tried to check out lovers anonymous. I am always interested in featuring new writers. The only problem...His blog is not public. That's not good publicity for him, you never know who may like your work if you limit access to it.

    Anyway, I am glad to see you doing what you do and here's hoping even more success is coming your way!

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