Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Too Sexy for 14 years old?

This young girl is at a concert with singer Akon. He is grinding all over her and simulating having sex with her. Her dad who is a Minister blames Akon for using his daughter as a rag doll. Why was this 14 year old in a club for people 18 and older, dressed sexy and allowing this man to grind on her?

My major goal was to raise a daughter who had strong moral values and solid Christian principles. I know I spoiled her and gave her too much but the trade off for having a daughter who is respectful and career-oriented was something that her father and I are proud of. Once we get her spending under control she will be alright. This will happen when she comes home next week and starts working and saving her own money.

As a mother I have tried to be a good role model for my daughter and worked hard to make sure that she presented herself with respect. First I would have never purchased anything sexy for her and if I thought for one moment that she had bought something on her own and I found out I would take it back or dump it in the trash. I am happy that my daughter does not go for that trashy or too sexy look.
I bring this up because I had heard about Akon, an international singer and how he rolled and grinded on a 14-year old girl at one of his concerts. Her dad is very angry and speaking out about this horrible thing. I felt bad for him and his daughter until someone sent these pictures to me. If this was my daughter and she was 14 years old wearing this- yes my blogging friends I would have been on the news for child abuse and ya’ll know I am totally and absolutely against any abuse. See her pictures. What do you think? It is also on youtube.


Rosemarie said...

The minister shouldn't blame anyone but himself and his wife. And, her father should apologize for his daughter's actions and stop drawing attention to Akon. The whole family needs to apologize to Akon for putting that mess on him. Accountability y’all!

I saw the YouTube pictures and video. The 14 year old was clearly engaged and enjoying the simulation. She even said, "Oh my God." You could hear her chuckling as well.

You’re doing a great job Rose with your daughter.

PS I can’t forget I was once too. Still, when you’re the parent it makes all the difference.

Dr. Deb said...

It is important to be sure that our girls learn good values and morales. I think you are an aweswom mom!

BostonPobble said...

Wow ~ so much here...why are her parents leaving her so unsupervised she can dress this way and they not know it? Why are club owners letting 14 year olds into clubs? Why are we as a society teaching our young women that trampy is acceptable? Why are we as a society teaching our young men that it is acceptable to disrespect women this way? (Which, admittedly, is a hard lesson considering our young women don't respect themselves but still...)

The one person I have no issues with here is Akon (who, I admit, I have never heard of prior to this post.) He assumingly didn't know she was 14. He had reason to believe that everyone at the club would be of age. He did the show people expected him to do (now, why we want to see that in the first place is another "why???".) Now, if either of those assumptions are false then put him on my list. Otherwise, cut the man some slack.

More young people should have moms like you ~ and in fairness, like mine. TTG for y'all.

(sorry this got long ~ it's one of my soapboxes)

Luke Cage said...

I read this story a few weeks back. It was all over the place. Actually, the only person I feel that is "innocent" (using the term loosely) in all of this is Akon. I mean, it's not his place to screen the young ladies who come to his show for proof of age. And as we can all plainly see, she doesn't even look like any 14 year old I know of. Then I read a few days later after this story broke that the young lady had turned her life over to Christ and would no longer participate in secular music and events. Hm. Go figure.

I'm sure you are being the best role model that you can possibly be miss Rose. You're obviously not of the ilk of the good minister and his wife.

Shawn said...

There's no way in the world she should be wearing that outfit at 14. The father should be spending less time vilifying Akon and more time instilling love, self worth and morales into his daughter. Akon didn't make the young lady dress that provocatively. Nor did he make her attend an event at a venue where she was underage.

TDJ said...

I agree with everything being said so far. The saddest thing? Verizon pulled their sponsorship of Akon's tour because of the bad press. But, Akon did nothing wrong in this instance.

TJ said...

That's some mess. I'm not even familiar with Akon and his "floor show" but for somebody to be clowning when his daughter is representing herself in this fashion is just disgusting. My mama would have dragged me out of the club BY MY HAIR behind some mess like this. Tsk tsk tsk...

Drea (Brownsoul) said...

I agree that her dad should take the responsibility.

This is what happens at concerts that are for GROWN folk! Singers often invite young women on stage to grind on them and some of them may even be invited back stage after the show to give uhmm, so additional entertainment ot the performer and his crew.

She should not have been in the building that night. And where was her dad while she was in a grown folks party being toy on stage???

I remember growing up how I thought I had the harshest parents in the world because they were so strict. People like to say that the ones who come from strict homes are the worst. That they act out more away from home. I know for a fact that this is NOT true! However, when we're grown it's up to us to make good decisions based on the upbringing we've had. Many of us make bad decisions regardless of what we know. But until we are grown, it's our parents' responsibility to remind us that we are not grown and show us the way.

My children will be under lock and key and when they become adults, what they do will be up to them, but they will not be able to say that they weren't taught right from wrong.

JerseyTjej said...

My hair is on fire...
I never cease to talk about the ramifications of this type of behavior with my children. I feel bad that the child was 14 but Even I know that Akon is considered a polygamist and a debauncher of young girls. You rock as a mom and I assure you that I do so try to incorporate the lessons into my own life!

kathi said...

I'm afraid that father is seeing the product of what he has raised. With a child being 14 years old, a parent not only has the right to keep a child at home, but to choose their clothing for them (they buy it for them). You can't let a child dress like this, allow them to go to a club with 18 years old and older and then be surprised when they're treated like this.
If I saw this child in an 18 yr and up club, I'd not have any idea she was only 14. Shame on her parents !! You can't blame the child...she's a CHILD.

kathi said...

Oh...two more things.

Shawn ~ You GO!! I'm with you!

Rose ~ as a mom, I absolutely adore and appreciate you. You rock as a mom!

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

What's the saying? A picture's worth a thousand words. Being in the Ministry, Pastor Poppa thought he taught the lil' angel to be respectful and trustworthy... maybe even thinking he had his ducks in a row. Alot of Ministers seem to get blindsighted that way. Unfortunately what he's trying to do now is damage control... taking the heat off of himself and his wife by literally casting Akon into the fire.

Although I'm not crazy about Akon nor his music, it's not like the girl had her birthdate tattooed between her breast or something. Akon's not responsible for the way the Minister raised (or doesn't raise his child).

As for the girl? This will be a lifelong lesson.

From the blogs I've read so far, you're an awesome mother!

Anonymous said...

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