Saturday, November 11, 2006

How could She?

Two weeks a go my high school friend lost her 8 year-old son to leukemia. She and her husband desperately tried to find a bone marrow match to no avail. They did everything they could to save their child. But the mother below did the opposite. Parents are suppose to love and take care of their children, not kill them. People are getting so cold and heartless.

8-year-old Raijon Daniels (above) died after allegedly being beaten, tortured and possibly 'forced' to drink household cleaner by his mother Teresa Marie Moses (pictured above). Police in Richmond , CA., say, this is one of the worst cases of child abuse they've ever seen. A few of the officers have already requested therapy. Moses, 23, was arrested on suspicion of murder, torture, child endangerment and child abuse.

Police said the boy was covered head to toe with injuries and he lived in horrible conditions, staying in a locked room (which resembled a jail cell) outfitted with a surveillance camera and handcuffed to a bed. Moses fed him food that was mixed in a blender, mainly spaghetti and beans.

Moses works for UPS as a supervisor and told police that she had disciplined him for what she perceived to be misbehavior. She thought he was playing mind games with her when he urinated on an uncovered mattress with no blanket. In 2005, Raijon ran away by jumping out a second floor window and then stole toys at a store because he didn't have any at home.

Authorities filed a report with Child Protective Services but he was returned to his mother. Last Friday, police arrived to find Raijon non responsive with traces of vomit on his face. Raijon had whip marks, burns, cuts and scars that covered every inch of his body. His mother admitted to pouring household cleaners over his genitals to discourage him from urinating. During the interrogation, Moses was strictly business and didn't appear remorseful and never once asked about how her son was doing. When police told her that he was dead, she tried to cry but no tears came out. Ironically, Moses also has a three year old daughter who also lived in the apartment. Unlike her son, her daughter was unharmed and her room was filled with toys. She has been placed in Child Protection Services. Moses is being held in lieu of $2.1 million dollar bail.

Story from internet news


Nancy said...

that is so sad. There are so many people who would of loved to adopt, care for and love that child.
It only proves most any one can make a baby but not all mothers can mother.
I am sick to my stomach knowing that poor kid suffered so.

bunny said...

She had to be mentally ill to have done those horrible things to her child. May his soul find the peace that it so desperatey needed while here on earth. This is such a tragic story.

Ananda said...

sending love and light to your friends and their son's spirit.
peace and love, ananda

Shai said...

The Enemy is working hard to destroy us. That is the only way I can digest this. It is sick and only the devil could cause something like that.

Anonymous said...

Being from the Bay Area there are some very, very depressed areas of Richmond. For one thing the girl is very young to have an 8 year old son. For another, I suspect she was also abused as a child and didn't realize the extent to which she was "disciplining" him. I am not making excuses for her but this is an extreme case and she is obviously mentally ill to have abused that child to that extent.

The Best [ Ghostface ] said...


This woman hurt her so badly by torture and eventually killed him, I feel that she may have been angry at his father for all of the problems they went thru. Also combined with the problems in her childhood because she may nave been abused herself but this is no excuse.

Many black women abuse their sons and daughters
that’s why I see many black boys who become adults consider black women only as sexual toys. But often when these same black men date a woman from another race I see they treat them a little better not all but often they do treat them better.

Black men who don’t take care of their kids well we all know that so don’t become pregnant by them. There was another black lady who was 24 years old she drowned by of her black kids in a bath tub filled with water and said she was mentally ill. I felt that the responsibility of being a mother was too great for her and she snapped. I see more and more black women on the news for hurting their kids and I see black men who are live in boyfriends being arrested for hurting and killing the kids of the black woman they are living with on the news.

By Chance

African girl, American world said...

omg!!! I had not heard about this!!! I agree with Bunny, she HAD to be mentally ill. This is crazy!!!
I can't stop looking at his picture.

GG said...

Being a very new mom, stories like this break my heart. I don't understand how a mother could harm her child like this, but it happens every day. Some women long for the glory days of their single lives, so they do horrible things to return to that state. Having a child for a man that doesn't give a shit about you or your child has no bearing. You, yourself have to be strong enough to love yourself and your child.

People like this need to be shown how horrible she has been to her child. I say, lock her in a cell with a mural of her son looking directly at her. Nothing worse than looking your own self in the eye for your wrongdoing.


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