Monday, November 20, 2006

Bad Indulgence

I have a big problem. I love purses. Though I like them big, I will occasionally purchase a medium or small one. My husband doesn't understand this about me. He feels that you can only carry one. But I like to switch up colors with shoes and clothes. Sadly I have probably spent .....well, I will not say.

I love this Fendi purse in brown. But for $2,100.00 on sale that is, I can pay another month of college tuition for my daughter., and that's way more important than an expensive purse. Since I carry a big purse I tend to carry too much and I hate to leave anything behind even if I don't use the stuff.

What's in my purse?
4 lipsticks
2 lip pencils
carmex lip balm
palm pilot (I don't even use it)
cell phone
Business cards
Wallet overflowing with everything
5 ink pens
hand lotion
2 check books
wet wipes

I'm not the only one. The St. Louis Post Dispatch did a piece on purses in their style section. The women they interviewed had from 30 -300 purses that cost from $30.00 to several thousands each. The favorite purses listed were Coach bags, which I agree is a very nice leather.

now I am looking at this purse....I need a job or two...


bunny said...

You speaking my language right there. I love purses too but what woman doesn't. I haven't been able to purchase any purses in quite a long time though. The last purse I got, a friend brought back from NY and it only cost $5.00 and it was a knock-off Kate Spade.

My favs are Gucci, Coach and the old Dooney & Burkes. That new crappy looking crayola style D&B looks like I could give it to my dollface to play with. Not my style at all.

kathi said...

You have hit on my weakness. I love purses, and none of my boys have ever understood this. This is a gorgeous bag, but I always have to have pockets on the oustide of mine. I have maybe 15 purses, but I give a lot of them away, too. I love to give a purse away to friends when they tell me they like it frees up room to buy another one. :)

African girl, American world said...

I'm a cheap skate. I did see an Ananas purse that cost $275 that I wanto sooooo bad which is pretty cheap purse wise BUT I usuall spend $20 to $30 on anything including purses. The husband looks at me when I showed him and said WHAT!!! Does it talk, breathe, what?? LOL.

Yeah I'ma need you to find that Fendi in the knock off version :)

Stephen Bess said...

That had a piece on the news about this. They were talking about the hundred of thousands of fake purse on the market. I can't blame women for getting the faux ones. There is no way I could spend that much for a wallet. :)
Happy Thanksgiving to you!

The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

You Know Rose there is a bag called a man bag it looks like a womans purse. It is a bi-sexual type bag purse bi-sexual meaning it looks like a womans purse and even a woman can use it.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE purses, too. I think every woman needs options, i.e. a purse for every occassion. Doesn't hurt to splurge on a nice one that you know you'll use. And I must admit, that one's pretty sharp!

Shai said...

I don't get spending thousands or even hundreds on a purse or even shoes. Companies are making way too much money off of women.

I am not into purses but I love shoes. Even if I won $100 million I cannot see paying $1000 for shoes or purse.

JerseyTjej said...

I just blogged about a purse I am in love with last week! When I was on my corporate grind I would always shop designer, but from Ebay. Now, I wish I could sell every one of them and have 50 % of the money back!

Anonymous said...

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