Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blogging with Shirazi
Popular Blogger, Friend and Great Writer

Blogging has proven to be very beneficial in many ways for me. It has given me a voice, helped to ease my stress level, educated me about a variety of things. The biggest benefit: networking with some wonderful blogging friends.

Meet my friend SAJ Shirazi, a writer who is based in Pakistan. Shirazi writes on a variety of topics, including technology, travel, heritage, behavior sciences, political economy and public relations. He has authored two books, (Izhar and Ret Pe Tehreer) and translated Din Mein Charagh by Abbas Khan into Light Within.

More than a great writer, Shirazi is a lover of many things. He loves people and technology. He is obsessed with the virtual word, the many forms of mass media and cultures beyond borders. He’s always looking for friends.

Perhaps the best description comes from the writer himself:

I am committed to and admire human relationships and the consistency of such relationships. Living with the same wife for life, enjoying lifelong friends. That is what I call consistency. I also love the trip to Food and Heritage Street in Lahore, Pakistan. Nikhat (flowers), fairies, roaming around in the unknown and this life - all of these things thrill me.

Shirazi blogs to introduce his readers to a variety of topics and to showcase his published writings. When it comes to love of the written word, my blogging friend and I are a lot alike and enjoy being a part of the blogging community.

“The blogging fraternity is like my real life social community," Shirazi says. "We ask each other's well-being through emails and keep up with what is happening in each other's lives.‚”

Several people have shared valuable information to help me grow as a writer and blogger. But only Shirazi has shown me how I can make money as a blogger.

Shirazi is the kind of friend who wants the best for you. Always looking for creative ways to promote his work as well as those of others, he exhibits qualities that are very likable and admirable. Although we live many miles and oceans from each other, no distance can separate a sincere desire to educate, inspire and assist each other in meeting our personal goals.

My blogging buddy Shirazi from Pakistan has made me a more conscientious and better blogger. At the same time, he has enlightened so many people about his culture and his life.

Which blogger has inspired or made a difference for you? Who is your favorite blogger?


Deb S. said...

What a lovely tribute! I have often referred to Shi as a blogging guru. I became fascinated with his site, Light Within, the first time I visited it.

Shirazi is knowledgeable in so many areas, it amazes me. He is one of the most humble and caring bloggers I know.

Rose, if it hadn't been for you, I never would have ventured into blogging. Like Shi, you care a lot about your readers. I credit you and Shirazi with supporting my creative pursuits.

Two thumbs up to both of you!

Alina said...

Lovely post! Shi is indeed an example for most bloggers and for the rest he should be.

As for his translation, I;ve only read about one third of it and it seems amazing.

Asma said...

Very nice ... you are right his blog's a canvas of lots of activities ... social cultural or even in blogging fraternity going on ...!

I hope the book would be a good read!

Happy Blogging and Writing!

Hassan said...

I am intrigued in Shi's site!

Thank you for guiding me there.

As far as a favorite blogger... It's hard to say. You are indeed one of my favorite bloggers though. Advancement, love of family and positivity brings me here to learn and enjoy a lot.

Luke Cage said...

What a fitting tribute miss Rose. You surround yourself with very good individuals, both bloggers and people you've actually met in person. That's a very good sign when I look into a person's character. As for favorite blogger... whew! I can't say that I have any "one" blogger that I would give that title to. However, I think that my "fam" as I've been known to call them, inspire me in ways they could not imagine to put up the best post that I possibly can. And Rose, lil lady.. you are definitely part of that fam forming a great and positive collective. Now, that's what's up!

Anonymous said...

Shi is very prolific blogger indeed. Thanks for pointing out in such a way.


Rose said...

Thank you Deb. You have too much media savvy to not blog...I've and so many more have seen your high quality work so I had to convince you to blog... Like you Shi is very knowledgeable.

Thank you.

Rose said...

Shi's blogs covered so much. What's so fascinating about him is that he is not selfish. If he finds something that may interest his readers he shares and he promotes others' work too.

Stephen Bess said...

I'll have to check out Shirazi. It's difficult to say who my favorite blogger is. I certainly have favorties that I visit daily, but not just one.

Organized Noise said...

I don't have a favorite blogger. Hell, I thought the purpose of a blogroll was the prevent yourself from having to choose a favorite blogger.

Most of the bloggers I read are very good writers who collectively have inspired me to not only be a better writer, but post about something that's gonna make a difference.

Shirazi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

There are so many great bloggers out there! I really don't have a favorite. But I must admit that my favorite bloggers are poets, writers and photographers!!

Anonymous said...

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