Thursday, June 15, 2006

What would you do with a 'BIG' wind fall of money?

New Television Show: Wind Fall

There is a new show that comes on Thursday nights on channel 5 called Windfall. It is about a group of people who won the lottery, each receiving 20 million dollars. This got me to thinking about what would I do with that kind of money. So I made me a list.

1. Pay off my dad's mortgage and buy him a new car. (He's retired)

2. Buy my mother a new house and car and give her traveling money for her and her two best friends.

3. Pay college tuition or trade school for my six nieces, plus purchase six Ford Escorts since they are all single, under 21 and just need something to go back and forth to work and school.

4. Do the same thing as number 3 for my six nephews, all under the age of 24. Two who are over 20 are working good jobs but I would pay off their cars and buy them nice houses.

5. Set aside half a million so when my daughter graduates from college she will have money to start her business.

6. Give out (4) 10,000 dollar scholarships in the name of my deceased brothers who died of cancer.

7. Purchase my husband mother a new home with all new furniture.

8. The only thing I would want is a new home because I want a shoe closet/room big enough to house my shoes and purses. I would also want an indoor swimming pool and full service gym. Otherwise, that's all I would need because now I would have the freedom to write.

9. I would make sure that my brothers and sisters had whatever they needed or want.

10. Give ten percent for tithes. Invest and grow the money.

Okay, that's my wish list. What would you do with 20 million?


kathi said...

What a sweet list! I've thought about this too (but I've not seen the show) and mine is pretty close to yours. I've always wanted to be able to give to my nieces and for their colleges and help them get started. Take care of all my siblings and hubby's siblings. Get my mom-in-law a home closer to all of us, set up a fund for my kids that will provide so much a year for them for life, of course the tithe and offering. Even my dream home would be pretty close to yours, right down to the closet (love my purses) and my indoor pool and gym. But I'd add a great 'outside' room and a large back yard with a gorgeous english garden with fountians I could hear from my bedroom.
And, I've always had the idea of college courses being offered at shelters. I'd like to be able to find a way to make that happen.

Shirazi said...

Wish you best in that wish list. Me, I will start thinking about another 20 millions.

chele said...

I love this question because everytime I'm asked my answers change.

(1) I'd pay off my house and buy a vacation home somewhere warm.

(2) I'd put away the funds for my children's education and post education goals.

(3) I'd give each one of my six siblings a lump sum (don't squander because that's it)

(4) You inspired me to start a scholarship fund this year for minority students at the local high school (thanks Rose!) so I would continue that but increase the sum substantially!

(5) buy my parents a small house in the city of their choosing.

(6) quit my job and learn to love to travel.

ChezNiki said...

1.Put an attorney and an accountant on retainer to manage the rest of the stuff on this list and to make sure the taxes are paid.

2.Pay off the student loans of any blood relatives who asks, including my own student loans.

3.Buy several income properties and the land they stand on

4.Put the six existing Godchildren through one college degree each. Save some for new Godchildren, nieces and nephews when they get here.

5.Travel and Write till I die

Razib Ahmed said...

I would buy a normal house and a car and keep some decent amount of money in the bank and help some not so well off children to have an ordinary life that they crave for.
Money is good only when it is spent wisely otherwise it will make you unhappy sooner than later.

R said...

1. Keep my job, but show up late and leave early every day.

2. Prada.

Also, I am sure that I would like to do some staggering and beautiful act for the greater good. Of course I would.

PINKSandROSES said...

1. pay tithes
2. pay off my car
3. buy a house off the beach
4. buy a new car
5. put some in savings
6. give to charity
7. finish paying for college
8. help out my family and friends
9. travel
10. go shopping!

Ruben said...

1). Hire a financial planner.
2). Give the entire company that I work for the longest kiss my ass letter ever written.
3). Write some checks to family and friends.
4). Help the less fortunate.
5). Have way too much plastick surgery.
6). Replace Paris Hilton as the senselessly rich and worthless party person of the decade.

BostonPobble said...

1. Move back to Boston. Own the place or rent from somewhere I don't have to deal with an indiviual landlord that might want to move back in one day.

2. Remodel the bathroom so I have a soaking tub.

3. Pay off a couple mortgages for some friends.

4. Set up accounts for nieces and nephews.

5. Remodel The Basement so there's a bathroom down there for when I'm visiting and on a roll.

6. Donate, donate, donate.

7. Get a good financial advisor so I don't blow the whole thing on the above list.

Ah, to dream...

Brea said...

I would retire my parents and build them a beautiful retirement home in the place of their choice. I'd buy my family new cars. I'd pay my brother's college tuition and put money aside to get him on his feet after graduation. I'd start and outdoor education/creative arts program for underprivileged kids. Then I'd buy myself a home and invest and save the rest of the money. Numero uno - never work again! That was a fun little exercise. :)

Hassan said...


Real Estate and probably front a few businesses to kill capitol gains tax.

Of course, a few rec centers, cyber cafes and some strip malls/neighborhood improvements in various cities.

sodijety said...

I wouldn't have a clue as to what to do. Maybe that's why I never win, Not enough positive thinking. I'll going to have to make a list.

Jaimie said...

Easy: Pay off all of my debts, buy my mom a house, by myself a house, and buy my favorite car (a Jag). The rest I would keep for my daughter when she's old enough to handle it.

Chosen said...

1. I would Pay my tithes and a huge offering.

2. Set aside money for my children and future grand children.

3. Invest some.

4. But a huge house and new furniture

5. Ask G-d what to do with the other 8 million dollars. I have learned from experience that G-d will curse your finaces for giving to the wrong people even family. So as much as I would love to do great things--I would wait on his answer for the rest.

Cinthia said...

You're so generous, Rose! If I posted my list next to yours I'd look like a selfish miser. :)

Elizabeth said...

After buying a larger apartment and gifts for friends/family, I would fund foreign study programs so young Americans could go overseas and find out how other people live...

E said...

Definitely pay off bills...give each of my parents 2 mill, my sisters a mill each. I'd get a nice vacation home...move to another permanent home.


acaligurl said...

hmmm good one. i just saw the ad on t.v.for windfall and typed it in and found you! ok, so here is my list: buy my inlaws a house and car :) give to food shelters, animal shelters, put $$ aside for my daughters, take my friends on a shopping spree& vacation, write cks to my sissy, and assorted relatives. for sure i would be sharin'

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