Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Now what do you have to say about that!

What do you have to say about Bush? His cabinet members continue to resign. He is way down in the polls. He inquired about staying in office longer. He is wire tapping folks-stripping us daily of our rights. The economy sucks. Foreclosures of homes are exploding through the roof. Professional and manufacturing jobs/positions are almost non-existent. Health care is a mess. Senior Citizens are not even signing up for Medicaid because it is confusing and too complicated for them to understand. There are not enough social service workers employed to help explain the information cause he cut social programs that will benefit the poor and the low income, elderly, after school programs and children. So crime is off the rocket, we can't eat a decent meal because of mad cow diseases and bird flu and insecticide poisoning of our vegetables. Our borders and oceans are not guarded and this world is tumbling backward. Yet you conservative are so happy that Bush is the president.

Bush is Whack! What Clinton did to improve everyone lives in 8 years; Bush destroyed it in almost three.You don't go backwards when you are moving forward unless you are President Bush. Isn't this the real reason why his trusted colleagues or either jumping ship or being arrested or something? Wake up America and smell the coffee. Maniac President Bush must be stopped from destroying this country.

Stand us and do something. Impeach Bush! Impeach Bush! You wanted to impeach Clinton for allowing a consenting adult to do him orally yet, Bush can kill more than 2300 soldiers that he lied to send to Iraq, yet you stand there with that big dumb smile and do nothing. You think he is your savior. Wait until he brings us to our knees because if you don't know God, you need to because when Bush finishes this destruction you are going to be searching for a higher power and it won't be President Bush........That felt absolutely wonderful!


NellaBella said...

I agree with every word. I may be only 16, but I agree.

Carolina Introvert said...

Well, I don't think bird flu is his fault. But I agree with the rest.

It worries me that there were so many Americans who voted him in - makes me wonder if my thinking is really that far off base. I think we will be paying for Bush mistakes for the rest of my lifetime.

Hassan said...

I don't think any of what you said can be blamed on GW.
1. This has been written in the word. We've known since the Gospel that times were coming to this.

2. How can one put power in a person unless we relinquishes it to them? In other words, how can we just sit here and let an administration that we elected (confress/senate/state representatives/municipal officers)control anything and we just stand by and be idol?

3. Control is ours... I hear no one complaining about gas prices and jobs even though we have these problems. We are spoiled and lazy as Americans and just go with the flow. Remember when folk used to protest and boycott? Did you see the ENTIRE country of France go on a one day strike to shake their government? Guess what, if we did one third of the things we said when we complain this country would be different. We are the constituants and can pay these people or not. All we have to do is speak.

I'm sorry, I have issues with how the kids on my block are raised because the revolution starts at home. There are too many people (not you Rose) that complain and point fingers while they enjoy the excess that our governments and military obtain from them. Stop driving. Stop eating out, stop fattening the pockets of pharmacutical companies by refusing perscriptions that keep us sick. Have sit-ins at government facilities. Don't buy gas or petrol related products. Turn the TV off. Don't use your cell phone.

Dammit boycott and protest!
I doubt if we will, those things are too good to us because I've lived in 3 other countries and visited countless others and we got it better than the rest of the world. Being fat and happy with the ability to access the 99 cent menu and 500 TV channels is a fair trade off for the majority of America. Hell, they ain't tapping you, right? We'll see.

I'm sorry Rose, I encounter too many folk that complain but do no action. I'm sure my long rant here will garner a lot of response because I truly believe Bush is not to blame when we put all of the other players from our mayors to state reps to senators in office with either our vote or non-vote and THEY are the ones that control policy. Anything the president's cabinet puts out as policy has to be approved by them via vote, so who really is to blame. I wish folks were willing to stop working, protest openly and fast and sacrifice themselves for thier children like I do, but alas that's where the revolution stops.

I asked a few people at this bookstore one day when we could go to city hall and stand in public view and speak against a referendum and I was told various things from "cant go-hair appointment - can't go, pilates class - can't make it, CSI is on - hell no, someone might see me".

There is no revolution.
There are only a few real revolutionaries.
The rest of us sit.
And complain.
And do nothing.
I was born in the wrong era, because I am willing to lay down for me and mine.
But they gotta be willing to lay with me.
Other than that, talking about it is useless.

BostonPobble said...

You should get your hackles up more often. I *bet* it felt good!

chele said...

Yeah ... mad cow and bird flu is not really his fault ... but the rest. He is incompetent and I know complaining won't make it better. In my opinion, since Kerry ran such a stupid campaign the people (not me) really didn't have any other choice but to keep Bush in office. He had made such a mess already and I don't believe that Kerry/Edwards would have been able to clean it up.

ms. B said...

Does he have the highest number of staff jumping ship in history? If so that is reason enough to impeach him. Love that image!

LaDontai said...

Hey Rose! How you doing hun?

Before I go on a tangent, let me just state that I DID vote. Therefore, I have a right to complain about who is in office.

Bush has seriously damaged our economy and everyday lives. Jobs that used to be considered "safe", are not so secure anymore. General Motors did massive lay-offs and they are NOT done. I used to think that my bank job was secure. The thought of being fired at the drop of a hat never crossed my mind. Then BAM, coworkers who were here yesterday, are gone today. Our unemployment rate is increasing by the minute.

Even after Bush is out of office, Americans will still be suffering and may not recover from his mistakes and bad choices.

Brownsoul said...

Preach it, Rose!!!!!

I too agree that we should impeach him. Make him answer!

It makes us look ridiculous to impeach Clinton over some oral sex and let Renegade Bush run around unpunished!

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Great post, Rose.

I think his ship is sinking...


SmartBlkWoman said...

Ya know what the Democrats problem is? They won't band together and stand up to Bush or his agenda. I'm a registered Democrat and the way that they are avoiding the hard issues right now astounds and dissappoints me.

They need to present a unified message and get behind it or else the Republicans can, and will, take the White house again in 08'.

Ruben said...

I would love to see Bush put to death on live televison to pay for all the suffering and chaos he has caused to everyone.

Rose said...

Nellabella: We are going to have to stand up sooner or later to this stuff.

Rose said...

carolina: No bird flu isn't his fault but since everything else is, I gave him that one too. (LOL)

Rose said...

Hassan: What you are saying is true. We often complain and don't do anything about it. Often times it is because many of us don't know what to do. So we sitback and hope someone stand up for us and maybe just maybe we will do so ourselves. But it takes knowledge for many to know what they can do, what power they have and how to use that power to get things done.

I do believe in the Bible and its' phophesy(mispelled) but still I say much of what Bush is invloved in, he did it. The lies, the set ups, mistrust, that is him. Wars, tornadoes, famines, that Biblical.

Bush is whack. Maybe we can do an email campaign? That might be something to get folks started. Like I said when folks learn to do better they will. Thank you for your comment.

Rose said...

Bostonpobble: that really felt good. I really do need to let myself out more! Thanks

Rose said...

Kerry and Edwards were no match for this man and his family of friends. So I know we didn't have much of a choice. But dag--did it have to go down hill so fast?

Rose said...

ladontai: You are right. I don't know if we will ever get out of this mess.

LivingSingle said...

IMPEACH BUSH!! You know if he was a democrat, he would have BEEEN impeached the moment that no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq.

Paula D. said...

Let the choich say 'amen & hallelujah!'

Stephen Bess said...

The majority voted him in and I don't think that enough of them are ready to let him go. Well said!

ProfessorGQ said...

Clinton's people stayed by his side and his impeachment process was Bush's people flee from him, yet he's still our president? America really has a backwards society.

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Please don't even get me started on the Bushwacker! How in the heck did he get re-elected? After everything he's screwed up since his re-election, I wonder what his precious followers who voted for him are thinking now?

Good post!

crallspace said...

Amen Rose! ( claps hands and falls on the floor)

My aunt, who is traditionally failry conservative, just emailed me saying she saw Farenheit 911 and was maddened! She said everyone needs to see that!

The truth is, people are too wrapped up in themselves and too reliant on someone else to do it. We are angered by global warming, but we still drive that car and throw that plastic away. IT's seemingly hopeless at this point. My rage meters are so shot, though. I think that's a Bush strategy: OVerwhelm the public with so much that the few who care will be so drowned in shit, that they can never stop me.

IT's a damned shame!

I agree with a lot of what Hassan had to say too.

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