Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Three Things

Three Things about me:::::::::

Envizable you are wrong for this:

3 things about me:
I read a newspaper, a chapter or two in the Bible, a magazine and blogs everyday. I love to read.
I am the oldest of 4 girls and the first daughter after my three older brothers. So that means that I am considered a firstborn (first born after a set of boys ) based on research. This research suggests that firstborns are excellent leaders, tend to be successful and gets alone well with others.
I am very spoiled by my family and by my husband.

3 things I love to do:
sing, write poetry and other writings, motivate and encourage teens

3 things that relaxes me:
candles, slow gospel music that tell stories and grasp emotions, praying

3 things that irritates me:
people who try to find something wrong with others just to feel good about themselves
people who make excuses about using drugs or drinking
people who lie

3 things I cherish the most:
my family this includes mother and father, daughter and husband, brothers and sisters
my health
my belief in God

3 things I'm totally against:
men who prey on children sexually
our men and women fighting this war in Iraq
teens having sex before they are adults

3 things that touches my heart:
my niece..I love this child
my daughter and I talking about life

stories about heroes and how they saved someone without consideration for themselves

3 things I learned in my 40 yrs of life:
you get what you pay for
hard work doesn't hurt anyone
blood is thicker than water-friends may come and go but family never leaves

3 things I love about men:
their strength,
their sensual side
their creativity-they can turn a jalopy(old broken down car) into something almost luxury like in Pimp My Ride.

3 things I want from the one "who satisfy my soul":
open communication

3 things I would change about me:
my height. I'm only 5 feet 3 1/2 inches tall
my fear- I worry constantly about my family safety
my patience- I'm patience with people and while driving but I can't fold boxes or restuff them, I get very frustrated and give up

3 things I would like to believe in beyond the shadow of doubt:
my daughter taking care of herself while in college and not falling prey to drugs, or negative living
that criminals can be rehabilitated
that I have lived as God wants me to

3 things my Grand taught me:
don't tease men with my body
how to cook rice pudding
how to always look your best

3 things my Dad taught me:
that a man with pretty hands and clean manicured fingernails wouldn't get dirty even if it meant feeding his family- (too pretty to work)they are lazy
that a man wouldn't buy the cow if he can get the milk free (if you are giving a man everything as his girlfriend, Sex, etc. why should he marry you).

Keep your hair combed, your body and house cleaned because no matter how fine and beautiful you are, you won't draw anyone to you but fleas, and remember nobody can take knowledge from you.

3 things my Mom taught me:
to accept the things I couldn't change and to change the things that I could
to always stand by your family
kids who are raised in church will never roam too far from it(they always return: sooner or later)

3 things I still have from my childhood:
my blanket
one of my best friends, Deborah
lots of pictures

3 crazy things I did as a child:
let a boy set my hand on fire in a magic trick-
when I was two I pushed the upstairs bedroom screen out the window and climbed on the roof and was going to try to fly but my mother in a calming voice coaxed me back inside (worst thing that ever happened to her..she still talks about this)
when I was 7, I put my arm through those washer machines with that roller used to squeeze out water out of clothes, to see if it would flatten my arm like it did the towels and clothes.

3 things I love about being a woman
my sexy walk
my soft satin skin
that I can outlast a man at most everything

3 things I would do if I was a man:
tell women that most men want what they can't have
mentor young boys and teach them how to be real men
raise my children even if I stopped loving their mothers

3 things that make me laugh:
Pam from Everybody hates Chris: that girl can act
kids telling you their little stories and messing it up
my husband dancing

3 things I would say to you before I die:
develop a relationship with God
there is no such thing as a dumb answer
teach a man to fish so that he can live a lifetime


gramyactress@21 said...

Alll now you know where my head went when you siad you can out last a man in almost anything. Thats a good picture of your daughter.That a good thing to say before you die great blog loving it.

E said...

Hmmm...I may have to do my own 3 things list soon..:-)

Brea said...

You are an amazing woman - thanks for sharing :)

Shirazi said...

No wonder you are such an amazing person (as I know of you from your blog). I keep thinking of doing some list but I have nothing up my sleves to talk about ;-)

Shirazi said...

What you have pointed out to (in USA Today article) is a very dangrous trend. We all need to fight against. No?

Berry said...

"people who try to find something wrong with others just to feel good about themselves" This one irritates me too...especially if you don't even know the person you are criticizing.

Ruben said...

It's good to see a parent cherish their children.

Kayla said...

I enjoyed this! Thanks for visiting my place! Take care.

jazeGma2 said...

I really love the part about you flying. That was to funny. LOl

You dad kinda reminds me of some of the same sayings my dad had.

Now mom she bought me a necklece when I was youner with the praying hands on it and the serenityy payer on the back.

I enjoyed all of your three things about you.

for_the_lonely said...

This was such a great list! I think that I may do this on my blog as well. Thank you for sharing! I hope that you have a lovely weekend!


Deirdre said...

You are amazing...I enjoyed reading about your 3 things...I did one but I will email it to you okay?

Im kinda on a roll with my cast shout outs so...hey email me and let me know what you think of me...honestly...can I quote you?

~^^~Elsie~^^~ said...

Hi Rose: First of all, thank you for coming by my blog and the support. *Hugs* You and I are alike from these answers in many ways. Like wanting to help the youth. I can tell your daughter is a beautiful intelligent young girl.

I can also learn a lot from you. I like what your dad taught you - that's true. My mother taught me similar things about holding onto my faith and staying in the church even though I've roamed.

The part about teasing men w/ my body is something I need to be more conscious of. I also like how I am only an inch SHORTER than you - I pray for more height as well. I wear high heels so that helps.

Well, there's just so much we have in common. :) Great to "know" you more.

MsPlacedAmbition said...

cool post. i wanna do a list now too. i love lists!

Brotha Buck said...

Enjoyed your "things" Rose.


brooklyn babe said...

3 things I like to say about this post!
"You Go Girl!"

Marcus Harris said...

So much wisdom rolled up into one ... always a pleasure to learn more about you, Rose!

lady in satin said...

I should do one of these "things about me" posts. I honestly haven't done one yet and I hardly write about ME!! LOL

I write about experiences, music, movies, and other people most of the time!!

I'm also a first born! My sisters described me as "bossy" when we were growing up! =)

chele said...

great lists. thanks for commenting and I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

Brownsoul said...

ditto to what Brea said...

your daughter and niece are beautiful...

what I liked most about your list was "3 things I would do if I was a man": tell women that most men want what they can't have. love it!

Rose said...

I enjoyed writing the 3 things. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate all of you for visiting.
Shirazi the article on teens and sex is a sign of the times. Teens thinks so much differently than I did when I was their age. Stuff they are doing, they feel it is casual I didn't even know about this at that age. I've seen girls on Oprah speaking and bragging about this while their embarrassed parents sat in amazement not knowing what to do. Plus many of these teens believes that oral sex prevents pregnancies and diseases, which is why they partake. Some teens even boosting that doing things this way preserves their virginity....It is a dangerous trend and we need to fight against this by talking and having open dialogue about the dangers of this practice and education. The article speaks for itself.

Hasan Mubarak said...

There wasn't "a" thing that I didn't like about your personality.

I'm quite impressed...

Clare said...

You have a lovely blog Rose and I enjoyed reading your lists.

NellaBella said...

Hey Rose, my pictures automatically did that itself, can't help ya there. Try changeing your

TeeBee said...

You have a beautiful daughter.

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