Thursday, September 15, 2005

What to do when?

What would you do if the fire burned out in your sex life?

How do you make your love last when you been in a relationship for 15 years or longer?

What do you do to get the romance back when you still love your spouse, partner, etc., but you are no longer "in" love with that person?


Chele said...

Very potent. I think that if we don't take our partner for granted, and stay true to ourselves, we will be less likely to ever have those problems.

Shirazi said...

Tell you the truth: Compromise. Name it anything but that is the only option (ok almost only) in the given situations.

Lavinia said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

I have had so much bad luck with love, even in those relationships where I gave everything and held on through the bad times.

I'm not sure if I'm meant to know true and lasting love at all.

Shirazi said...
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Shirazi said...

Lavina -- Every human is meant to know what is true love. You only have to try and keep the hope.

ByeBye said...

WOW thats deep...

work on being friends, sometime friends can make better lovers. Find things you do like about them instead of focusing on the things you don't like. Do friendship stuff.

Msnhim said...

Ay . I wish I knew the answers. Then maybe i wouldn't be so unhappy?

Great Post!

gramyactress@21 said...

Dang fifteen years is along time i couldn't tell you everything that I might give yall bought did to death. I really don't know but if your husband ever read your blog you gone need to find a place to stay.

Rose said...

Chele, Shirazi, I have a support group for women and I will give your suggestions. Thanks.

I have always been told that there is someone for everyone..and I really believe that. Love comes when you least expects it. I agree with Shirazi.

Envizable: Good advice. I will communicate to the women in the support group.

Have you tried the advice in the responses listed. Communication really helps.

I posted the comments because it was a group discussion. But trust me, if I really had those issues, I would talk about them, then create some romantic opportunities and try to make things the way, my husband doesn't know I least I don't think he does.

princessdominique said...

I say a second honeymoon. Leave the cells at home and the pda gadgets too. No phones or tvs in the room either!

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

It definitely takes work to keep the embers burning as love and life continue on in years. I agree with all the posters comments: Don't take your partner for granted, make compromises, put away the cells/pdas. I think making sure you make time as a "couple" is so important, and I always suggest taking out the old photo albums to revisit how love started.

Michele's Mumblings said...

3 words:

start dating again.

No...not someone else, but EACH OTHER. Find out all over again why you fell in love in the first place.

Then never stop dating. Make time every week for a date...a real date. :)

RuffEndOfThePineapple said...

Do your candles need relighting? I always believed that the fire that burns twice as bright only lasts half as long. So what's up Ms. Rose? I liked your post on Bush and the signing of that doc...funny stuff.

lady in satin said...

I have not experienced any of these situations so I wouldn't have any valuable comments!!

But I think if I were in any of these situations, I would look within myself and my relationship to see what may be causing the problem, and then go about solving it with my partner.

jazeGma2 said...

There are many stages to love. It is like your baby, toddler, children, teenager, and then your child has grown up.

Love is like nurturing your baby or your children; it takes a lot of love and hard work

When married over 10+ it really takes a lot to keep the fire burning. When the fire burns out it is up to you to light it again.

Make a date and rekindle on some of the things that made you fall in love.

Make a date with each other
Experiment and do something different
Do something fun
Do something that you both loved to do together

You must find that match and light it. Everyone changes over a period of time.

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