Thursday, September 29, 2005

Finally an opportunity to Help!

Several blogs ago I wrote about my staff and how disappointed we were that everything we tried to do for the Katrina victims felled through and how our hearts ached to do something just to show them we cared. To make a long story short, we were able to get involved on the ground level. Initially we would have worked directly with the victims but being able to help in some way made us feel a lot more valuable and much more helpful then sitting around staring at pictures and walking away with a broken spirit. I am excited to report that we donated over 20 hours toward packing and sorting through donated clothes and other needed items to distribute to the victims of this hurricane.

We also talked directly to more than 600 people who had located to our city in search of housing. We had planned with other groups a festival for the victims in our state, supposely about 5,000 who came in on their own as reported recently by the American Red Cross. Our organization and many others had planned this huge festival with employers who were going to hire on the spot, assistance in getting kids in schools, clothing, food and housing, etc. Each arm would be there with plenty of singing, crafts, food, you know trying to lift their spirits during this terrible time for them...Guess what!

It rained. It poured down. Why is this happening? Well, anyway if any of you have ever heard of the St. Louis Arch-we are going to be there this Sunday. We rescheduled the festival again...

We will be at the bottom of this Arch... the area surrounding it is beautiful...

Pray that the weather stays beautiful so that St. Louis can show their love......

I finally met someone from New Orleans. His name is Ernest. We are going to help his family. I got a chance to hug him and really talk. He wanted to talk and talk he did. About everything...I saw stuff through his eyes. We are meeting his family and will probably adopt them.


lady in satin said... are such a beautiful, sweet and loving spirit. I love coming to your blog and reading your positive posts. Its like a breath of fresh air in this crazy world!!

I think thats great what you and your employees are doing. I do hope the weather is great for the festival and I pray that everything works out in your favor, and I know it will.

Oh yeah...I've driven by the arch in St Louis, when I was a kid. Its huge, and you're right...the surrounding area is beautiful! Good luck with everything and God bless!

Shirazi said...

Wish to see those beautiful places you have shown here.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I hope the weather holds out for you. What a wonderful thing!


Brea said...

I'm so glad you got the opportunity to make a difference. We all know how short the attention span of Americans is - so it is good that you got to help out as attention begins to wane.

gramyactress@21 said...

I hope it rains so i won't have to work. Lol Im just kidding. I can't wait to hug em and show them that they are family. lil cuzz.

jazeGma2 said...

I hope the day turns out to be a beatiful day for the event. I am sure all is going to be great and a lot of love will be shown.

No_the_game said...

Lady Rose,

I will be there. Look out for me :)

STL Looks cool at the pics :D

Deb S. said...

Good for you, Rose! I echo everyone else's sentiments.

In my world, my daughter and I have mixed feelings as a New Orleans boy in her class leaves St. Louis this weekend to go to Baton Rouge, where his mother now lives. He is a very nice young man. He and my daughter established a rapport. The kids in the class really liked him. But I think we are all happy that he is returning to his home state.

Rose, thanks for keeping us inspired.

E said...

Here's to great weather. I'm really glad you're able to help out a family in their time of need.

brooklyn babe said...

Kudos. Good deeds will be rewarded.

NellaBella said...

I have been in that arch. Its is pretty. I am remember it, I was just only around 7 or 8 I think. Not sure. Soo pretty.

Berry said...

Hi Rose. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Honeysoul and I were just whispering about him today. There is a buzzzzz in the air surrounding that brother. :-)

Berry said...

Hi Rose. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Honeysoul and I were just whispering about him today. There is a buzzzzz in the air surrounding that brother. :-)

Chele said...

I know you were raring to go and had experienced a setback but the opportunity has presented itself once again and you grabbed it by the horns. I wish everybody were more like you.

Don Tate II said...

Rose, thats the way it always happens it seems. I love the rain, but not when its on my/our parade. Hey I know a couple journalist in St. Louis, I guess at the Dispatch? But, you are not there, right? Hey, thanks for making me think so hard on my blog.

Rose said...

Lady in Satin: you are always welcome. Thanks for visiting.

Shirazi-maybe you will have opportunity to come to our country someday.

Dr. Deborah-I hopes so too.

Brea-so far here in St.Louis we are still in the helping mode. Thank Goodness.

Gramyactress@21-I'll see you in the field.

Jazegma-It will still be enjoyable very hard work.

No the game-hopefully there will be plenty of folks there to help because we will need it. thanks

DCS=thanks for your inspirational support.

E-thanks for your encouragement.

brooklyn babe-thanks

Teenlife-I rode the rollercoaster to the top. It was amazing. The Arch is 630 feet.

Berry- thank you for visiting also.

Chele-you should meet my staff-we picked some special folks.

Don Tate-I don't know the reporters personally but have worked with a couple who wrote stories on things that we (our company) were doing to promote education. Also their columnist Sylvester Brown, I met him when he had his own newspaper but he may not remember. That was several years ago..sometimes I do missed the message-but not all the time. (LOL).

Deirdre said...

I'm glad you are now getting this opportunity to do what you do sweetie:)

The weather will be wonderful when you are doing God's work:)

for_the_lonely said...

How beautiful, Rose! It is amazing and heart fulfilling to see all of the help that has amassed from all over the world. Cheers to you for all you do !


Marcus Harris said...

No matter how much or how little we do, someone always benefits, and I'm glad to see that you're so committed to making ANY kind of difference you can in the lives of all those affected by the recent natural disasters. Kudos to you for setting such an excellent example of how we can foster positive change on such a grand scale by the simplest of acts!

MsPlacedAmbition said...

what a blessing to know that there are ppl who sincerely want to help those in need.


No_the_game said...

Mrs Rose,

I was there. I volunteered. I helped to sort cloth. I wished I could see you though. I als brought friend of mine to help out.

Rose said...

Dee Dee thanks for that positive energy.

For the lonely- thank you!

Marcus-you're great and thanks!

Missedplacedambition-Thank you for your comments.

No the game...I wished we could have met. I'll post a few pictures soon.

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