Monday, August 22, 2005

Gon' spend some time with my man!

I am not going to work much tonight because I want to spend some time with my husband. I miss him even though I sleep next to him every night. It seems that all my time is on the computer. So I am going to surprise him by going to bed early with him.

Finally, my daughter has been attending driving school. Here in St. Louis traffic is a bXXXX, so it is important to know how to navigate the traffic here. Folks can't drive when it is wet, dry, snow, ice, on gravel, on concrete or dirt. These drivers speed as if they are being rammed by a gangster and they are desperately trying to get away so it was important that my only child have the best instruction. You know that wasn't her parents, right? We were too scared. But tonight she drove me to the mall and back and the girl can really drive. She did great and she was driving a large SUV. My baby can drive y'all! She is a senior and she can drive....she is really growing up. Don't worry she will not be stealing my car no time soon....if she tries it, her axx is mines.


gramyactress@21 said...

Wow! big whoopie..... Wow me and my man gon go to sleep. Lol. Allll you ar so precious. I just haven't heard in a long time a woman be excited to have her husband to come home early so they can go to sleep. I know he was shock when you said "Baby I know you long for me to go to sleep with you early" he rocking back and forth "Yeap baby" Yall know yall old. Sorry got a dirty mind when you said my man I thought you were talking about some other guy (not the word i was thinking). Next time spend some time with hubbie

jazeGma2 said...

You know you aught to tell the truth. I know you're up late and working hard but it's time to complete the relief of your stress!

It's so funny because my husband and I were just talking about the good old days not saying that it's not all good now, but with our days being so busy and working in all you miss that quality time sometimes. So we decided we are going to act and reminicence on the good old days when we first met. Just a little somthing to ad some spice fire.

So girl get yo groove on with yo man!

Rose said...

Honey you got that right. You have to nurture that relationship. My husband does want to spend time with me so I have to take advantage of that. I think we will take your advice and do the same.

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